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Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Atlanta, GA

(404) 521-0000

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265 Peachtree Center Ave NE Atlanta, GA, 30303
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  • Lailaa R 6 days ago

    Very nice hotel in a super busy area of downtown Atlanta. You could tell there was a huge cross-section of people inside for a variety of different reasons. There was a ballroom dancing event, some other type a big conference, people walking around in swimsuits from the pool, pilots coming off duty, people headed to the club... It really felt like a mini-city inside. Though there were so many people, all of the customer service individuals were attentive and personal. The rooms were well appointed and the views were spectacular. You can literally see the whole city. My only complaint was that the valet was so expensive $45/day; and it was hard to figure out where to pick up your car. The pick up area was on a different level than drop off and you had to use a special set of elevators to get to them.

  • Constance Green 14 days ago

    Very nice and clean! The service is excellent! The concierge excellent. There is shopping within walking distance. My only complaint is parking. The hotel parking was full, so I had to park my car in a lot a block away. Beautiful view of the skyline.

  • Tanya Red 37 days ago

    What a literally fantastic hotel to be in. It's like a character all onto itself, when you're in the atrium, be it on any of the lower floors looking up, the middle floors amidst the sea of levels above or below, to the highest heights where your views out to Atlanta grow spectacular, and down through the entire interior of the hotel are certainly too much to take in on a glance. I found myself, seated on any of the many abundant, comfortable seats on multiple lobby levels, inevitably looking up in amazement to remind myself where I was. If you've got the chance, just sit on the loft before Pulse bar, and take a moment to lean back in a chair and marvel at the building above you. Our room was comfortable, the showers were good, room service was accommodating to our needs and did well for us. We held a convention here (Furry Weekend Atlanta), and to all reports, the hotel was good to us, and I hope we proved just as good to and for it, as it deserves our respect. We had a lost purse near the end, after enjoying a few good drinks at Pulse Bar - and we only realized it when we got back to our hotel room! A frantic trip down to the concierge had security on it promptly - and miraculously, someone had turned it in, untouched, and the hotel returned it to us, saving us a potentially agonizing ordeal, as well. I also enjoyed a good burger at the bar, on my very last night, which makes me wish I had spent just a little more time in their restaurants, as alluring as all the downtown possibilities of Atlanta may be. And speaking of access to the city, the hotel has sky bridges which connect a great deal of downtown to it, through the Hilton hotel adjoining, and the Peachtree mall, which also leads out to many of the surface street restaurants, if not directly then quite near, saving you a walk in the weather, or some of the crowds. I've nothing but positive things to report about our stay at the Marriott, and recommend it without reservation.

  • SlmShdyGrmGrvy 39 days ago

    Stayed here for a furry convention. Awesome layout. Elevators a little wonky with that many people but not the worst. We had a king bed room in the corner, loved it. Bathroom was nice especially the shower. I asked for more towels and blankets and they were delivered quickly. Smart TV was a cool perk. Good location next to the mall. Easy check in and out, they let us check in at 11am when usually we have to wait til 4pm.

  • Sochi 47 days ago

    One of my all time favorite hotels, very beautiful inside and a great location. The hotel has great restaurants and bars, and with the Peachtree center food court a sky bridge away, it's easy to grab a quick bite as well. The rooms are always well cleaned and the decor and furnishings are fantastic. Usually get just a single king room but decided to try out a parlor suite this time and I'm not disappointed. Very spacious, well designed, and overall just a great room with plenty of space to entertain guests. If you're looking for a nice hotel in downtown Atlanta, this may be just what you're looking for!

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