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Ascot Avenue Elementary School

Los Angeles, CA
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1447 E 45th St Los Angeles, CA, 90011
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  • Emily Herrera 87 days ago

    I miss this school .. it’s great 🧡 ... class of 2k15

  • Jesus Huerta 216 days ago

    I remember going to this school when Ms. Gilliland was still around. It's a great school in my opinion. All 3 of my siblings went there and I've never heard them complain about any problems at school. Sometimes i go there to visit and the staff is very friendly they still seem to remember me quite well.

  • Alma Aguilar 277 days ago

    First time taking my daughter to ETK and by far this school needs ALOT of IMPROVEMENT to go through lets start with their SECURITY PROCEDURE: i felt like anyone can just arrive their, not to mention other elementary around my area their security system upfront are 100X better which they ask you to show your ID plus A picture taken. Base on their orientation experience how they go about "SECURITY IS FIRST" that's not quite what they really go about in my opinion. I mean, if you really care about your Children safety this is a no zone for me. I feel although that they need to be more organize too they lack on that base on what i see their. I really don't expect much for this school but i am Highly anticipate to look elsewhere. My daughter deserve to be in a great SAFE, GOOD ENVIRONMENT.

  • jose oregel 447 days ago

    My wife gets home today from dropping my girls to school mad and tire of the office staff harassing her evertime she takes my daughter late too school, not to put the school on the spot but I'm not satisfy with the way the office staff and some of the the people in the front door are acting I'm pretty sure they're doing their job and there's a few people in there that do a pretty good job but there are some who are really rude and disrespectful when taking my girl to class. I do arrive late once in awhile do to work i do work graveyard shift so the latest I can get out is at 7am by the time I get home and get them ready yes of course I'm going to be late but it's not like I'm arriving late to a class, when I arrive there they are having breakfast, school starts at 7 7:30 and last bell at 750 i get there the lates at 8 so I don't think she is missing any attention or studies that should affect her for them always given us attitude and asking us questions about why are we late I think that shooting really matter to them why or why not are we late my girl are in school to learn and not there to be asked or talk about my personal life we all go through stuff early in the morning for you're stuff too just come and ruin people's mornings just cuz they're not having a good day but do want to take it off on the parents and children's, people do have a life and people do go through struggles in the morning and the last thing I need is for somebody to tell me why or how am I not responsible to bring her there on time. My girl is a special student and yes I will always walk her inside the school just for the fact that they lost her the first day of school so yes I DO NOT TRUST anybody in there either to drop them off in class or to pick them up from school so will appreciate if I can stop being harassed if not I will talk to the district about this and if I have to change school I will.

  • Oscar Rodas 557 days ago

    That is the school that my friend alison goes to.And she says it's rhe best school she has ever been😃😃😃

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