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411 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ, 85004
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  • maria wilkinson 17 days ago

    didnt go here but i guess its alright

  • Rustin Foster 18 days ago

    Working on a master's degree here. I love the downtown campus but don't always have faith that I'm getting the education I'm paying for.

  • Terri Taylor 103 days ago

    How many Irish students/Irish women have been sexually assaulted/their children sexually molested and ASU police/security covered it up by victim blaming/fabricating that they asked for it/that's what suspected pedophiles/child molesters/supremacists/financial aid frauds get? I ask because there are naked women in the bathroom at the Lodestar Day Resource Center as of this writing, and a woman told them that she's helping the FBI catch pedophiles/child molesters/rapists and she hasn't had to take her clothes off once to catch any. To which one of the naked women embarrassingly reacted like she'd been lied to by whomever asked her to stand in the bathroom naked. Well, later a woman said that sex offenders who rape white adults/molest children of all colors are asking the other women to undress under the false pretense that this helps the sex offenders catch suspects when really it's so the sex offenders and their voyeur cohorts can get a free look (lol, people can be so gullible). Anyway, but then this reminded me that a homeless Irish woman said she was an ASU student in the past and had been sexually assaulted because of the campus after some other woman did the same naked routine. So is getting naked a signal for rapists nearby to sexually assault whichever white/Irish the naked women are standing in front of? By the way, is Prof George Watson still chasing those really young skirts? And did Prof John Stookey ever recover from his massive stroke and the murder of his wife that ASU police/security covered up? The sex offenders said their bosses wanted John dead but the aphasia had to suffice. Kathryn Stookey

  • Gabey wabey 115 days ago

    this girl kayla was really nice and it always smelt like eggs and onions idk its just how the campus smells one time kayla sold me illegal memes

  • Bianca A 235 days ago

    One of my most favorite campuses. It's small and in the center of everything. It is not too crowded like the Tempe Campus.

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