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450 S Easton Rd Glenside, PA, 19038
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  • Aubrey Ramos 50 days ago

    I chose to attend Arcadia University in 2009 due to scholarship and study abroad. While I loved my year abroad, my four years at the actual campus were a nightmare. Housing was deplorable; mice, roaches, poorly insulated walls and windows, no security, fire alarms go off weekly, and the apartment building still has original elderly residents who constantly complain and cause issues with the student residents. As mentioned in other reviews the academics at this school are lacking and are not worth the debt you'll go into. The ONLY reason to attend this school is if you have a large college fund and will go abroad every year in order to receive some semblance of a decent education. I wholeheartedly regret attending this university.

  • Mothana Hajaz MD 93 days ago

    Best PA program ever amazing school and location

  • J Stimely 98 days ago

    A nightmare trying to work with administration. Very unhelpful

  • alyssakeleigh 305 days ago

    I have only visited twice and decided that this school was not for me. There is nothing to do on campus and the people were very very unfriendly. It just seemed very.. unhappy there. The students do not seem excited to be there, making the vibe so low. Also, the study abroad program IS impressive, but that is all the school excels at. I was unimpressed by the professors and the administration. Not terrible, but not for me.

  • Thomas B. Smith 393 days ago

    Arcadia Focuses TOO MUCH attention on Study Aboard. They Should Focus On The School Itself. The School Lacks Academically, and they have a POOR REPUTATION. When An Employer Reads Over Your Resume, Studying Board Comes To Mind. My Daughter Chose Not To Attend Arcadia because she value education over everything else. The school needs to get their priorities straight. This school is more like a TRAVELING AGENCY than it is a university. They are #1 in study aboard. WHO CARES? They aren't #1 in anything else. At an ideal school, academics trumps everything else. At Arcadia, your experience in foreign countries will be better than the education you will receive at their school. If you want a good education, I would NOT recommend Arcadia. Also, the school is located on a highway surrounded by fields of weeds. Traffic and privacy are an issue. The area only gets nicer when you head away from campus (toward the shops). AMERICAN UNIVERSITY is a better school. It seems like Arcadia is the KNOCK-OFF version of American.

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