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Apache Cafe

Atlanta, GA

(404) 876-5436

Open now

(404) 876-5436

Open now
64 3rd St NW Atlanta, GA, 30308
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  • TLF Fleming 4 days ago

    Horrified by experience. From out of town. I brought my family of 11 to this place to do open Mic. This night they weren't doing it because there was a show. It was already an hour and the show still hadn't started. I asked could I entertain the audience with one 4 minute poem while we waited. It would have been great for a party of 11 who came to support this business. The host said no. She didn't even think about it and just told us to come on another day even though we told her we were all the way from Houston and New Orleans. Oh and they had no ice for the drinks. The manager who waited on us didn't try to accommodate either

  • Davida Allen 5 days ago

    Went to see one of my FAVORITE bands The Chronicle. They were soooo good!! Just like the Good Old Days when it was Yin Yang💜👍😀🎶🎹🎸🎵

  • Orrin Skitzo 10 days ago

    I love the vibe. Just not big enough. But then again, it is a cafe. So, maybe I'm wrong. Who knows? Don't listen to me. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Orrin Skitzo

  • Monique Johnson 11 days ago

    Had a great time. The host was awesome. His interactions with the crowd was everything. There was great poetry shared. The Bob Marley drink was soooooooo good.

  • Christine Hylton 86 days ago

    We reserved a table here and I would recommend that to anyone who wants to sit. I loved the atmosphere, the DJ, and the servers were so amazing and nice. The only complaint I have is that half of the singers were great and half were not great. These are mostly local folks though and I like to support the local artists. The club is mainly R & B and we went on what they call Soulful Saturday and they had a young guy from Colorado singing songs I had never heard, then there was another guy (the closer) who sang rock songs. My point is that the club manager should know their audience.

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