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3920 Sharon Rd. Charlotte, NC, 28211
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  • Kennedy Norton 56 days ago

    HORRIBLE SERVICE. People have been seated after us and gotten their food before us. 4 simple meals of bacon and eggs. Our server is avoiding us because she knows we are getting terrible service. Do not come here. First time here and will not be returning and recommending no one else does either.

  • Erin Miller 145 days ago

    Very frustrating experience today! Our waiter was so inattentive - didn't bring our silverware until we had our food for 10+ minutes, never refilled our coffee, messed up the orders, and was no where to be found the whole time -_-

  • John Owens 186 days ago

    Great coffee!!! I'm a new customer. This morning I was doing construction work out side and one off the waitresses brought me a coffee. I didn't even order it!!! If service is this great outside I can't wait to go inside!!! Most restaurants are not this nice. I'll be back as paying customer.

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