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American Social

Miami, FL

(305) 223-7004

Open now
690 SW 1st Ct Miami, FL, 33130
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  • John Enriconi Today

    They will make you move out of your table due to prior reservations. All the time the same story. They even moved a party of 6 friends in in the middle of dinner because the table was reserved for someone with greener dollars than ours!

  • Sharon Coleman 2 days ago

    Excellent service, excellent atmosphere and delicious food. A definite most for a return visit. Only downside is the traffic and parking. Would definitely recommend valet parking which is provided for $10. Looking forward to patronizing this establishment again soon.

  • Sue Sue 17 days ago

    We order 3 different plates: rancheros, Benedict and strawberry French toast. We did not enjoy any of the 3. The French toast were way too sweet. And the other 2 plates had too much seasoning. We came for brunch. In a restaurant I would expect to have at least salt at the table. Our waiter lacked common sense. I would not recommend this place.

  • myrtle spencer 41 days ago

    This is a good place for a brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, especially when the weather is good, you can sit outside and let in water. The food is delicious. However, the service can be a little slow. Several times with a few friends here ... It's not healthy, but it's good, you have to go with really interesting and close friends. The strange arrangement is colder, hanging in a place on the spot. Use it as the first stop for your drink.

  • Emily Thomas 54 days ago

    Really great place with neat atmosphere. Love the taps in the middle of the table even though it makes it hard to have conversation. Food was excellent. Lamb chops were well prepared with a great sauce. Steak for dinner was cooked as ordered and very flavorful. It can get a bit loud inside but not too terrible. Beautiful view of the river. Highly recommend.

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