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Seattle, WA

(206) 622-2335

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535 Terry Ave N Seattle, WA, 98109
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  • Yuichi Yoda 22 days ago

    I was impressed the name of this building came from the real 1st costomer in 1995.

  • Pinal SelfStorage 91 days ago

    Might seem like cool place. But these folks support NRA. Don't deserve any of my dollars.

  • kevin clemons 211 days ago

    Bad customer service and deceptive practices. Be aware when you order next day items. When you checkout, it states one day delivery but they send you an email that states 2 day. Nice trick.

  • John Rotondi 267 days ago

    In August 2017, Whole Foods, which was taken over by Amazon, announced: "...we're immediately offering lower prices on a selection of best-selling grocery staples across our stores..." Today, September 2, 2017 I shopped at the store in Manhasset, New York. The prices are not lower. They're the same. I asked a Whole Foods worker at this location about this, as I exited the store. With a mischievous smile she told me that prices were lowered on flowers and water only. This is false advertising - a classic bait-and-switch.

  • vinod ep 317 days ago

    This is in a nice place where there are multiple other Amazon buildings. Has one way street going into it on Terry.

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