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  • cynthia brown 8 days ago

    Adorama handled my orders quite well. Prompt delivery, well packaged, I was pleased. Can't wait to try the Olympus OM D-E M1 camera I purchased at a great price. Hope it works as great as it looks. Also pleased with the Peak strap for smaller cameras. Will put it to good use on a vacation .

  • Siva Ram 8 days ago

    Bad Experience. I was a customer of Adorama for a few years. Decided to upgrade from t6i to a7r iii & tried the Trade-In Program. Though my gear was rated as Excellent I was offered

  • Jameson Beatty 9 days ago

    TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. They don't care about their customers at all. Top 10 worst customer service experiences of all time. Placed an order for $3,000 in gear. Confirmed order with customer service who said I would get another email when it shipped. 5 days later no email confirmation. I called. They told me the order had been cancelled. THEY CANCELLED MY ORDER AND NEVER TOLD ME!!! Seems like it was some glitch in their "fraud prevention" system. They told me to go back online and place the order again. Why, so it can get cancelled again? I spoke to and emailed multiple people but nobody could tell me what actually triggered the order to be cancelled. They kept telling me to "make sure all my information is entered correctly" as if it was my fault. Nope, triple checked all my info. YOUR FAULT. Nobody even tried to make it right by upgrading shipping or replacing the order for me. I just got the, "Yeah we messed up, but we're actually gonna blame you, not do anything about it, and you can go place the order again yourself if you want, we really don't care" response. Congrats you lazy morons. You just lost this order and ALL my future business. Not worth my time. BYE!

  • Steve Gilley 44 days ago

    I placed an order on April 4 for over $2000. The website said they were off for the week in observance of Passover. The following day April 5, I called to cancel the order because I didn't want to wait until the following Monday for them to ship and then several more days for the shipment to arrive. I called customer service. I gave the representative my order number and he confirmed my order and said it would be shipped out on Monday April 9, following the holiday week. Then he asked what he could do for me. I explained I wished to cancel my order. He said he would "submit a request to cancel the order". I asked what that meant and he said he couldn't cancel the order himself, but he could submit a request that it be cancelled and I would be notified by e-mail as to the final outcome. I asked why it couldn't be cancelled, and he said it it had been released to be shipped. I reminded him that he already stated that it would not be shipped until after the holiday week on April 9 which was still 5 days away. He said all he could do was process the request to cancel. I received an e-mail a few hours later that said the order could not be cancelled , but would be sent out on Monday April 9 (which was still 4 days away). It also stated I could return it in accordance with their return policy. My issue is the item is obviously still with Adorama and won't go to the shipper for several more days but they are going to ship it to me anyway and then I am going to return it to them unopened and I will have to pay the shipping charges for both. This feels like I am being punished for my cancellation by having to pay shipping charges in both directions. I am very unsatisfied with this transaction. ***Update to original posting. (April 9) I wrote an e-mail to Adorama requesting a cancellation. They responded that my order would be intercepted by UPS and returned to Adorama and a refund would follow. This is good news and is what I expected to happen. Thank you Adorama for coming through with the customer service you proudly advertise on your website. I am changing my rating to 5 stars.

  • Betsy Dickinson 100 days ago

    My first time purchasing with Adorama was fine. There was some disappointment with customer service but after a 3 star review I was contacted, the reason was provided along with more information, and I was asked to change my rating which I did. Most recently I ordered 2 lenses which were the wrong ones, that was my fault, but I wasn't worried because Adorama boasts a great return and exchange policy. I ordered the correct lens and contacted customer service to let them know I was doing an exchange. It has been 2 weeks, they received my returned product 7 days ago, and the new lens has not yet shipped. They also charged me the difference between the products (as expected) but then were short in charging me by 25 cents. I just had to call and pay 25 cents over the phone using my card in order to complete the exchange. Nobody could tell me why this happened. Their website implies that they will process and complete the exchange when you notify them of it but I found they do not begin the process until they receive the returned item, then it takes 3-5 days to process the return before they begin to process the new order which takes 3-5 days (not including weekends or Friday afternoons) and THEN they ship it. I had to cancel a shoot this past Friday because I didn't have the new lens still more than 10 days after notifying them of the exchange despite the 2 to 3 day shipping. I get that I ordered the wrong one and that is my fault but I have never experienced such a difficult and long exchange process since the implementation of online shopping. They also cancelled rather than transferred my lens service plan despite the new lens being 100% eligible for coverage. In the future I will be using B&H when possible from here on out.

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