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6B Lounge

Boston, MA

(617) 742 0306

Open now

(617) 742 0306

Open now
6 Beacon St Boston, MA, 02108
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  • Elias Richards 31 days ago

    This is now one of my favorite spots. Great live music, ultra cool place, with a prohibition era feel. It's not easy to find, and not in the best area, but I'll be back for sure.

  • Rosemary Lopez 38 days ago

    Saturday 80's/90's theme. Fun atmosphere, though entering through a different bar was really odd. Small bar, so you kind of have to fight your way to order a drink, but the crowd was friendly. Wish the crowd was slightly more diverse. The DJ, well the music was good , his blending and song choices were questionable, kind of like like you hit play on Pandora and some random songs come up that make you go "huh?".

  • Lexi Eldridge 58 days ago

    Staff is very helpful and friendly. Food is decently priced, with great portions and taste. Overall great atmosphere!

  • Mike B 67 days ago

    The sister of Emmets (adjoining). On weekends this side can become quite busy. On a week night it is normally a great place for conversation. Like Emmets, the food is delivered with pride and the staff are wonderful. Both are immaculate.

  • Anthony Leonardi 70 days ago

    Great dinner when it was acting as the overflow bar for Emmet's (for St Patrick's day). After that it turned into a club and i wasn't into the vibe.

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