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1015 Folsom

San Francisco, CA


Open now


Open now
1015 Folsom St San Francisco, CA, 94103
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  • Heidi Lim 28 days ago

    One of my favorite music venues / clubs in SF. A lot of big artists perform here when they're rolling through town, but there's also plenty of new talent putting on shows. Outside of the main floor, there are two (sometimes three) other dance floors to explore during shows. The DJs in the other rooms are usually really solid. Make sure you check their site for upcoming events and buy tickets in advance -- things get sold out early and they don't always have tickets at the door. Drinks are a decent price, the crowd can be fun but sometimes you get some creepy characters (as with most clubs in SF).

  • Kyle Peltier 34 days ago

    Great venue. Clean. Great sound system. 😊

  • Rachel Sanders 46 days ago

    I've been to the venue a few times during special events with RAW Natural Artists and once for a New Year's Party with Thundercat. I've never neen there on just a regular weekend, so I can't really speak to the quality of usual service, but I can say that it's a great space with lots of room- you can choose to be in the middle of the action or spread out if you prefer. They offer multiple bars, dance floors and lounge areas. I've had great experiences there!

  • Henry Lange 89 days ago

    After another unsuccessful day as a stock broker, I decided to unwind. The crowd was very vivacious and motivated me to amp up my game. I began a quest to find molly. Long story short I’m sucking dick outside the dumpster all for a lousy flinestones multivitamin. Wasn’t a total loss, when I found out I got Hep C, my doctor recommended continuing taking the vitamins. Also, there was a girl there with a glass eye. Very rude tho, made a scene when I asked to hold it. Is it soft? Is it squishy? I’ll never know now Karen!! Maybe if I stop my Hep C treatments it will spread to my eyes and I can find out for myself, but cmon that’s crazy.

  • Eric Alvarado 105 days ago

    The venue itself is pretty decent. Also pretty big. Multiple floors with various types of music to choose from. The main area got s little hot once packed though. Also, the bartenders were really rude, however, and every time I ordered 1 drink they would try to haggle me into buying more. "Only 1 drink? Seriously? Get another for your friend."

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