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Welcome to the Briteland!

Unapologetically geeky, daringly optimistic, and always up for adventure, get to know the Britelings on the Briteling Blog.

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Meet the Britelings

The Britelings are a varied bunch. The team embodies the wide spectrum of events on Eventbrite—from musicians to marathon runners, foodies to fundraisers. The thing that unites us is our dedication to helping people get together to share the things they are excited about. That's what gets us out of bed and excited to come to work to continue building an innovative platform that supports shared experiences.

Executive Leaders

  • Kevin Hartz

    Kevin Hartz

    CoFounder & CEO

    As Chief Executive Officer, Kevin is responsible for Eventbrite's day-to-day-operations, as well as guiding the company's vision. Kevin was previously Co-Founder and CEO of Xoom Corporation (NASD: XOOM), an international money transfer company, servicing more than 30 countries worldwide. He has served as an early-stage investor and advisor to successful start-ups including the likes of PayPal, Pinterest, Lookout, Flixster, Airbnb, Trulia, and Yammer.

  • Julia Hartz

    Julia Hartz

    CoFounder & President

    Focused on in-house strategy and growth, Julia is responsible for building, evolving, and sustaining Eventbrite's growing team of 300 "Britelings" and award-winning company culture (voted Best Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area four years running). Before co-founding Eventbrite, Julia worked as a television development executive at MTV and FX Networks. Here is a video of Julia discussing entrepreneurship and building Eventbrite from the ground up.

  • Renaud Visage

    Renaud Visage

    CoFounder & CTO

    Renaud is the founding technical architect of Eventbrite and is responsible for the internationalization of the Eventbrite platform. Renaud is also an accomplished architectural and travel photographer, and has had his work represented by various stock photo agencies around the world.

  • Randy Befumo

    Randy Befumo

    VP of Strategy

    As a former Director of Research at Legg Mason Capital Management, Randy brings two decades of investment experience to his role at Eventbrite, where he combines analysis of the product, market, and competitive landscape to drive business and product strategy.

  • Nels Gilbreth

    Nels Gilbreth

    VP of Finance

    Nels is responsible for Eventbrite's analytics and financial models. With a B.A. in physics from Colgate University and a masters (MPhil) in physics from Cambridge University (Trinity Hall), Nels got started in finance at the New York hedge fund, Ziff Brothers Investments, and later worked at Lehman Brothers where he executed interest rate product trades for institutional investors.

  • Tamara Mendelsohn

    Tamara Mendelsohn

    VP of Marketing

    Tamara spearheads the Marketing team at Eventbrite, where she helps guide the brand, acquire and delight new users, and build a growing community of event organizers and attendees. Prior to Eventbrite, she was a Senior Analyst with Forrester Research, where she specialized in eCommerce technology.

  • Dana Kilian

    Dana Kilian

    VP of Customer Experience

    Dana ensures Eventbrite's customers are fanatically happy with our service and support. Perfecting scalable, efficient, and personal service, Dana has helped Eventbrite achieve and maintain one of the highest Net Promoter Scores possible. Her passion for improving the customer experience began on the AdWords team at Google.

  • Pat Poels

    Pat Poels

    VP of Engineering

    Pat leads the world-class engineering team at Eventbrite. Previously the Vice President of Software Development at Ticketmaster, Pat was responsible for host system development and wrote much of the reserved seating inventory system that's still in use today.

  • Matt Rosenberg

    Matt Rosenberg

    SVP of Sales and Business Development

    Matt is responsible for strategy and growth of our global sales and business development. Before Eventbrite, Matt headed up sales at ServiceSource where he helped grow the company from $65M in revenue to over $220 million, propelling them toward a successful IPO in 2011.

  • Mark Rubash

    Mark Rubash


    As Chief Financial Officer, Mark juggles budgets and costs management, sets aggressive financial goals, and measures performance. Prior to Eventbrite, Mark handled finance for companies including eBay, Yahoo! and Shutterfly, and was also a partner at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

  • Laurent Sellier

    Laurent Sellier

    VP of Product

    Laurent is leading Eventbrite's worldwide product strategy as we build out our discovery platform and create a global marketplace for live experiences. Previously serving as Twitter's Director of Product Management, Laurent focused on product strategy for their mobile apps, and led their most recent redesign. Prior to Twitter, Laurent worked for seven years at Amazon on the team that built the Kindle business from the ground up.