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Home Help Center How To Guide: Send Free Email Invitations to Your Attendees

How To Guide: Send Free Email Invitations to Your Attendees

How To: Send Free Email Invitations

Create and send free email invitations to your guests.


Want to send free email invitations for your event? Go to the Manage page and click on the Email Invitations link in the left navigation.


Click Customize to change the color scheme, select which social sharing links to include in your invites, choose a salutation or enable the RSVP option. Click Edit Message to change the default text included below the Attend Event button.


After you've perfected the design, choose who you'd like to invite. Click Add Guests and select the recipients from a variety of different options, such as uploading emails from a file, importing emails from an email address book, creating an email list from a past event, and more.


Now select when you'd like to send your free email invitations. You have four options: send immediately, send on a specific date/time, send on a date/time in relation to the event start date, or you can save the email invitation as a draft and not send.


Once you've sent your email invitations, you'll be taken to the Manage Invitations page where you can view and manage any email invitations you have sent. Email invitations are saved here for easy viewing, copying, and editing.

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