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How To Guide: Event Marketing Using Eventbrite

How To: Market your Event Using Eventbrite

Get the word out and sell more tickets with event marketing tools.


After creating and publishing your event on Eventbrite, go to the Manage page to take advantage of event marketing tools. You can email personalized invitations to your contact lists. schedule email reminders, offer special promotional codes to attendees, and track important metrics, such as open rates and registrations to measure the impact of your marketing efforts.


Tap into the promotional power of social media to boost ticket sales and attendance. Encourage attendees to post, like and share events with their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn networks—and watch page views and ticket sales spike.


Create an affiliate program to encourage attendees to spread the word about your event, and easily track the power of referrals and word-of-mouth buzz in driving your event attendance.


Use the Social Stream feature to effortlessly integrate your social media accounts and highlight the social conversation and hype surrounding your event. A dynamic Social Stream page helps increase interest among potential attendees, which means more ticket sales for you.

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All of these tools and more can be found right on the Manage page, from implementation to tracking and measuring. Visit our blog for more detailed resources on event marketing or get started now by signing up and posting your event.

Eventbrite is free to sign up and get started.

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