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Why was I charged multiple times for an event?

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Category: Attending an Event

A "pending" charge can either be successful and complete on your statement, or unsuccessful and the result of entering incorrect credit card information. In the case of the latter, the charge should drop off within 7 business days. If you have multiple unexpected charges or don't recognize the charge(s), please get in touch with us.

TIP: We can only provide authorization codes for events using Eventbrite Payment Processing. If your event processed payments using PayPal or Authorize.Net, you'll want to reach out to them directly for insight into the charge(s). • eblink{PayPal=>}: First, select your country. Then click "Help & Contact" at the bottom of the page. • Authorize.Net: eblink{Connect with your event organizer=>}. They most likely are managing the Authorize.Net merchant account that your charge was processed to. In this case, they are the best contact for assistance.

NOTE: Financial institutions request sensitive information to verify your account. To maintain PCI compliance and better protect your information, we can't provide authorization codes over the phone.

<h2 id="01">Allow the &quot;Pending&quot; declined charge(s) to drop off.</h2> <p>Declined charges appear as &quot;Pending/Processing&quot; on your statement and should drop off as soon as your bank or credit card company sees that the transaction(s) didn&#39;t go through. Typically this takes 5-7 business days, depending on your bank or credit card company.</p> <h2 id="02">Contact us to request proof of the declined charge(s).</h2> <p>Most financial institutions request that the merchant provide authorization codes for declined charge(s). This is to ensure that the merchant has reviewed the charge attempts and in fact deemed them declined/unsuccessful. If your pending charge(s) don&#39;t drop off in 7 business days, eblink{contact us=&gt;}. We&#39;ll send you a document that confirms the declined status of your pending charge(s).</p>

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