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How to troubleshoot internet browser issues

First, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If you're still experiencing trouble, make sure that both your Flash and Java are up to date or try a different internet browser.

NOTE: If you're using Internet Explorer, make sure your browser is eblink{up to date and supported=>}.

Try clearing you cache and cookies.

An overloaded browser could be the issue. Instructions on clearing the cache and cookies on multiple browsers can be found eblink{here=>}.

Update your Flash and Java versions.

In terms of connectivity and responsiveness, a number of websites rely on Flash and Java. Confirm yours is up to date by clicking the links below. If not, you can update directly. • eblink{Flash=>} • eblink{Java=>}

Try a different web browser.

Any up-to-date web browser should do the trick. Find a new one eblink{here=>}.

TIP: Don't have permission to download on your work computer? No worries! Contact your IT department to request they add it to your system.

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