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Did my email send (invitations, order confirmations, reminders)?

Email communication — eblink{invitations=>}, eblink{order confirmations=>}, and eblink{emails reminders=>} — are an important part of managing an event, so we strive to ensure our email deliverability remains high. In most cases, not receiving an email is based on the email service provider (ESP) or network, but could be related to an organizer's ability to send email communication through Eventbrite.

TIP: Add,,, and as contacts in your address book so your ESP can better route order confirmations, email invitations, email reminders and questions sent by attendees through the event listing to your inbox.

NOTE: If you used eblink{MailChimp=>}, eblink{EventKingdom=>}, or a different tool to send email invitations for your event, the information below doesn't apply for invites sent. Check their help documentation for more information on email deliverability.

— Check your Junk or Spam folder

Steps to check your Junk or Spam folder vary by ESP. Find the email in your Junk or Spam folder and mark it as "Not Spam". • eblink{Gmail=>} • eblink{Yahoo!=>} • eblink{Outlook=>} • eblink{AOL=>}

PRO TIP: If you're using Microsoft Outlook, you'll notice a "clutter" feature that moves emails to a separate folder. eblink{Check the folder for any missed communications=>} from Eventbrite regarding your account or event.

NOTE: If your ESP isn't listed above, try searching their specific help documentation or searching online for a solution.

— Email address included a typo

If an attendee order includes a typo, eblink{update the email on the order=>} and eblink{resend the order confirmation=>} to the correct email address. If you're testing the eblink{registration flow=>}, you should eblink{cancel=>} (free ticket) or eblink{refund=>} (paid ticket) the order and register again using the correct email address.

NOTE: If you're attending an event, eblink{let the organizer know=>} the email address on the order is incorrect and provide correct attendee information for reference.

— Company Firewall and Spam Controls

Organization domains are usually monitored and might not directly send emails to a user's inbox. Request your IT or technical team whitelist the following IP addresses to resolve: • • • • •

— High volume of emails

There can be a slight delay in seeing invites or reminders translate to "Sent" when a high volume of emails are scheduled. As long as your email follows our eblink{guidelines=>}, you should see the status update shortly.

— Reduced email limit

Email invitations are usually eblink{limited=>} due to a high rate of bounced, unsubscribed, or undelivered invites.

NOTE: Be sure to review and eblink{clean your contact lists=>} regularly.

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