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Use your credits to buy tickets

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Credits are a refund method organizers may use to refund their attendees. As an attendee, you can use these credits to buy tickets for the organizer’s next event on Eventbrite on or before the expiration date set by the event organizer (if any). You must create an Eventbrite account with the email address you originally used and log in to access your credits.

<h2 id="01">Check before you start</h2> <p>☑️ Like all refund methods, Credits are issued directly to you by the event organizer and Eventbrite is not a party to the transaction.<br><br>☑️ If you have any questions about your Credit or available refund options, please eblink{contact the event organizer=&gt;} contact the event organizer.<br><br>☑️ Credits are only usable by you on Eventbrite for a future event hosted by the event organizer.<br><br>☑️ Credits are not transferable, are not cash or currency, are not paid-in value, are not intended to be monetary value evidenced by electronic record and may be subject to an expiration date set by the organizer.</p> <h2 id="02">View credit balance</h2> <p>When an organizer refunds your tickets with credits, you receive an email. Log into Eventbrite to see an overview of your credits per organizer:<br> </p> <ol><li>Log in to Eventbrite.</li><li>Go to &quot;Credits&quot; in your account.</li><li>View the amount and expiration date of your credits.</li></ol> <h2 id="03">Use credits to pay for your tickets</h2> <p>Keep in mind that you need to spend your credits on an event organized by the same organizer that gave you the refund for your tickets. You must be logged in to Eventbrite to use your credits. Once you found an event to go to, you use the credits to pay for the tickets at the checkout:<br> </p> <ol><li>Select the ticket quantity and click “Checkout”.</li><li>Fill out your details and click &quot;Payment&quot;.</li><li>Select your credit amount under &quot;Credits&quot;.</li><li>(Optional) If the credit doesn&#39;t cover the full ticket price, select a payment method to pay for the rest.</li><li>Click &quot;Place order&quot;.</li></ol> <br>Check for any credit remaining in your account under &quot;Credits&quot;. You can use this for other tickets to events hosted by this organizer.

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