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What do Eventbrite tickets and confirmations look like?

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Categories: Attending an Event, Understanding Eventbrite Fees & Features

Tickets are sent as a PDF attachment with order confirmation emails by default. Tickets are also visible in the Eventbrite app as soon as an order is completed. View an example PDF ticket and order confirmation email below.

<h2><br>PDF ticket attached to the confirmation email</h2> <img class="responsive" alt="PDF tickets have a unique data recognition (QR-like) code. PDF tickets show the Event Name/Title, Date/Time, Location, Order Info, Ticket Type registered, Attendee Name, and Payment Status." src="" width="800"></img> <div> </div> <h2>PDF ticket shown in the Eventbrite mobile app</h2> <img class="responsive" alt="Eventbrite app tickets have a unique data recognition (QR-like) code. Tickets show the Event Name/Title, Ticket Info, Order Info, Ticket Type registered, Attendee Name, and if using reserved seating, the attendee&#39;s seat assignment." src="" width="800"></img> <div> </div> <h3> </h3> <h2>Example of an order confirmation email</h2> <img class="responsive" alt="Example of an Eventbrite confirmation email" src="" width="800"></img><br><br>  <h2>Things to keep in mind</h2> <ul><li>If you registered for an event and don&#39;t see the option to download a PDF ticket, it means the organizer did not select the option for tickets to be generated. <a href="" target="_blank">Contact the event organizer</a> if you have any questions about entry requirements.</li></ul>   <ul><li>If the organizer set up tax and selected to issue a tax invoice, this will be included in the order confirmation email as a separate PDF attachment.</li></ul>   <ul><li>By default, the &quot;Message to be displayed on PDF ticket&quot; is &quot;Please PRINT and bring this ticket to the event entrance.&quot; Organizers can <a href="" target="_blank">customize this message</a>, so this can vary by event.</li></ul>   <ul><li>The <a href="" target="_blank">event image</a> uploaded by the event organizer shows above the name on the PDF ticket. If no event image is uploaded, the space is blank.</li></ul>

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