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How to use the Eventbrite Android app


Updated by Antwonne D. on 09/14/2016

Wherever you're located, you can use the Eventbrite app for Android (Android version 4.3 and up) to find, purchase tickets to, save, and even share events that you’re interested in. You can also use the app to reference tickets to events you're registered to attend.

TIP: eblink{Help is available for iPhone users, too=>}.

NOTE: If you’re organizing an event on Eventbrite, you can use our eblink{Eventbrite Organizer=>} mobile app—our box office solution for your events.

Find events to attend

The eblink{Eventbrite app=>} makes it easy to find great upcoming events near you.You can see recommended ("For You") and "Popular" events in your area. With the "Friends" tab, you can connect to Facebook to see events your friends are going to. Use the map icon to find events nearby or the magnifying glass to search for events using your current location (or a location of your choosing.) There's also a filter button (e.g., sort by date to find events happening today or this weekend!)

1. See recommended and popular events in your area.

Scroll through our list of recommended ("For You") events in your area. You can also use the menu at the top to see "Popular" events, or events your "Friends" are going to. When viewing recommended and popular events, tap "Filter" at the bottom of the screen to sort through events (show only free events or filter by date.)

TIP: Want to change your location? Tap your location at the top of the screen to enter a new one or choose a location from the list of "Popular Locations."

NOTE: Tapping the profile icon at the top of the screen lets you see tickets to events you're registered to attend, events you've saved, and event categories you're interested in. For more on that, jump to "eblink{Finding your tickets=>}" below.

2. Search by category, keyword, and/or location.

Tap the search icon (magnifying glass) at the top of your screen to: • Browse for events by category—music, business, food and drink, community, arts, etc. • Search by keyword For either option, you can use your current location or one of your choosing. Just tap your location at the top of the screen to set before you search.

TIP: After you search, tap the filter icon in the top-right to sort through events (show only free events or filter by date.)

Purchase tickets to events

Buying tickets on the Eventbrite app is quick and simple. Register for an event with just a few taps and just like online orders, we'll send a confirmation email as a receipt for your order. Eventbrite takes the eblink{security=>} and eblink{privacy=>} of your billing information seriously. All payments are processed over a secure connection using a eblink{PCI-compliant gateway=>}.

1. Tap Register or Get Tickets.

When you find an event you want to attend, just tap the "Register" or "Get Tickets" button. "Register" shows for free events and "Get Tickets" shows for events where you pay to attend.

TIP: Want to see which of your Facebook friends are attending the event? Tap "See who’s going" to connect your Eventbrite account with Facebook.

NOTE: The price you see represents the cost of the cheapest ticket, however, that ticket type may no longer be available.

2. Add tickets to your cart.

Tap the name of the ticket to see any additional details and/or select a quantity of tickets. Then tap "Done."

TIP: eblink{Enter a promotional code=>} here if you have one.

PRO TIP: You can also tap the "+" symbol next to the name of the ticket to select a quantity. Tap the "+" until you see the number of tickets you want.

NOTE: If you’re registering for an event with reserved seating, you can only eblink{pick or choose your seat from a desktop=>}. When you register from a mobile device, you can eblink{purchase your seats with the "best available seat" or specific selling order selected by the organizer=>}.

3. Tap "Continue."

Add or select a payment method, and enter any other details the organizer is requesting for their event. Then confirm the information entered is correct before proceeding.

TIP: If you’re registering for a free event, you won’t have to enter any payment information—you’ll see a button to complete the order instead.

PRO TIP: Tap to check the box next "Remember card" to save your eblink{credit/debit card=>} to your Eventbrite account—making purchasing tickets even faster and easier in the future! eblink{Learn more about privacy and security=>}.

NOTE: You can use the back arrow to add items to your order, but the information you entered won't be saved.

4. Tap "Complete Order" to finish.

Tap "Complete Order" to verify your payment information and complete the order. Then review the order confirmation screen to confirm your order completed successfully.

NOTE: When your order successfully completes, you'll also get an email order confirmation as a receipt for your order. If the event organizer requires a printed ticket for their event, your order confirmation will also likely include a eblink{PDF ticket=>}.

Find tickets you ordered

The Eventbrite app makes it easy to reference tickets you've purchased to events. Show your ticket to scan for entry (if the event organizer has tickets enabled for their event), see details about each event you're registered for, or get in touch with your event organizer.

1. View your tickets.

Tap the profile icon in the top-left to go to your Eventbrite profile. Under "Tickets," upcoming events show first. Swipe up to reference tickets registered to past events.

2. Show your ticket to scan.

Organizers can scan your printed-or-digital ticket barcode for entry, although you still may be asked for identification. Check your order confirmation email to make sure you have everything you need to enter your event.

TIP: If you purchased more than one ticket, an arrow shows next to the digital ticket barcode. Tap to reference additional tickets on your order.

PRO TIP: Tap the calendar icon in the top-right to add a reminder for the event to your default calendar. Information should already be included on your calendar reminder, but feel free to edit to add any other information you'd like before saving.

NOTE: Not all organizers require tickets for entry. You'll see "This organizer has disabled mobile tickets" if tickets aren't enabled for the event.

3. Reference event details.

Select the event you want from the list. Then tap "Info" to reference event details (like the location, date, and time.) You can also see any friends that are going to the event if you're connected to Facebook.

TIP: If you need to cancel a registration for a free event, you'll need to do this directly on or eblink{contact the organizer=>}.

NOTE: Having trouble finding your tickets? eblink{Try these options=>}.

4. Contact the organizer.

Swipe up to scroll down, then tap "Contact" to get in touch with your event organizer.

TIP: eblink{Learn all the ways you can contact the event organizer=>}.

Save and share events

You can save any event and return to purchase tickets later (as long as tickets are still available.)

1. Save an event.

Tap the bookmark icon in the bottom-right corner to save an event to your Eventbrite profile. You can also tap the bookmark again to remove it from your list of "Saved" events.

TIP: If you save an event, you won't get a reminder letting you know when the event is coming up, so be sure to check your saved events often.

NOTE: When viewing an event on the Eventbrite app, the bookmark icon appears in the top-right (not bottom-right.)

2. Revisit saved events any time.

Tap the profile icon in the top-left to go to your Eventbrite profile. You'll see all of your saved upcoming events under "Saved."

3. Share an event.

You can share an event by tapping the share icon. You can also share an event when viewing the details of an event. Choose one of the default sharing options.

NOTE: Sharing options vary by device and past history of shared options used on the device. Common share options are email, text message, and social media feeds like Twitter and Facebook.

4. Receive friend notifications for events.

Tap the profile icon in the top-left to go to your Eventbrite profile. Then select the menu icon and tap "Settings." Select "Social" and tap to switch Facebook on. If at least two of your Facebook friends are going to an event, you'll get an alert that sends you to the event listing.

TIP: Make sure the push notification "Friend updates" is switched on to ensure you receive friend notifications for events.

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