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Transfer to a different event or ticket type

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Category: Attending an Event

If your event allows transfers, you can transfer between events or tickets. Go to the eblink{Tickets=>} page in your Eventbrite account, select your order, and click "Transfer". Then choose "Change Event" to transfer to a different event hosted by the organizer or "Change Ticket" to transfer to a different ticket (or seat) within the same event.

1. Confirm your ticket is eligible to transfer.

Transfers are not available for every event. You can't transfer if: • The organizer does not allow transfers. • The ticket you want is not available. • The event has started. • Your ticket was free. If you don't see the option to transfer, eblink{contact the event organizer=>} to ask about alternative options.

2. Go to Tickets.

eblink{Log in=>} and click to expand the account menu (top-right of the page). Then select "Tickets".

3. Select your order.

4. Click Transfer.

If you see the word “Transfer” next to your details, click to see the transfer options. • Change Event: Transfer to a different event managed by the same organizer. • Change Ticket: Transfer to a different ticket (or seat) in the same event.

5. Review the Transfer Summary. Then choose "Continue Transfer".

The transfer summary should reflect your new event, ticket, or seat.

6. Enter your registration information.

You may have to enter billing information for the price difference and/or fees.

7. Click "Register" or "Pay Now".

You'll receive a new order number, email confirmation, and ticket (for events with .PDF tickets).

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