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Limit capacity on your general admission event

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Category: Creating & Editing Events & Tickets

There are four ways to limit the number of tickets available for your general admission event. Adjust the quantity of your tickets, set a total capacity, add a hold on tickets, or create sections. If your event is a reserved seating event, eblink{follow these steps to update your seating map=>}.

<h2 id="01">Set quantity by ticket type.</h2> <p>When you create tickets, you set the quantity available. This determines how many tickets are available for this event. For example, setting the quantity at 200 means that you will sell no more than 200 of that ticket type.</p> <h3 id="01-1">1. Go to your Event Dashboard.</h3> <p>Go to <b>Manage my events</b> in your account. Then select your event.</p> <h3 id="01-2">2. Click &quot;Tickets&quot;</h3> <h3 id="01-3">3. Edit an existing ticket or create a new ticket.</h3> <p>To create a new ticket type, click <b>Add ticket</b>. To update an existing ticket, click the ticket name.</p> <h3 id="01-4">4. Set the quantity.</h3> <p>Adjust the quantity to the total amount of this ticket type across all orders.</p> <h3 id="01-5">5. Click &quot;Save&quot;.</h3> <h2 id="02">Set a total capacity.</h2> <p>If you have multiple ticket types, adjust the <b>Event capacity</b> to prevent overselling. When you set an event capacity, your event will sell out as soon as you sell that number of total tickets.</p> <h3 id="02-1">1. Go to your Event Dashboard.</h3> <p>Go to <b>Manage my events</b> in your account. Then select your event.</p> <h3 id="02-2">2. Click &quot;Tickets&quot;</h3> <h3 id="02-3">3. Click &quot;Event capacity&quot;.</h3> <p><b>Event capacity</b> only appears if you have multiple ticket types.</p> <h3 id="02-4">4. Check &quot;Limit event capacity&quot;.</h3> <h3 id="02-5">5. Enter your total event capacity.</h3> <h3 id="02-6">6. Save your changes.</h3> <h2 id="03">Add holds to your event.</h2> <p>Holds remove tickets from sale. Use them when you want to hold tickets for certain customers, like VIP customers or employee tickets. Holds are only available if you&#39;ve set a total capacity and your event is not a <a href="" target="_blank">recurring event</a>.</p> <h3 id="03-1">1. Go to your Event Dashboard.</h3> <p>Go to <b>Manage my events</b> in your account. Then select your event.</p> <h3 id="03-2">2. Click &quot;Tickets&quot;.</h3> <h3 id="03-3">3. Click &quot;Holds&quot;, then &quot;Add hold&quot;.</h3> <p>Enter a name and quantity for your hold. These can be changed at any time.</p> <h3 id="03-4">4. Optional: Add an access code.</h3> <p>Buyers can use your code to register for held tickets. To add a code:</p> <ol><li>Click <b>Add code</b>.</li><li>Enter the code name. Attendees enter this during checkout.</li><li>Optional: set limits on your code or add a discount.</li><li>Save your changes.</li></ol> <p>If you don&#39;t set a ticket limit or expiration date, the code will be usable as long as there are held tickets.</p> <h3 id="03-5">5. Update your hold.</h3> <p>To update your hold, click the three-dots next to your hold.</p> <ul><li>Click <b>Edit</b> to update the hold settings.</li><li>Click <b>Delete</b> to remove the hold.</li></ul> <h3 id="03-6">6. View holds in your “Holds summary”.</h3> <p>The <b>Holds summary</b> shows the number of remaining held seats. Sold, claimed, or released held seats are not included. To run this report:</p> <ul><li>Go to <b>Event reports</b> (under <b>Reports</b>)</li><li>Select <b>View all reports</b>.</li><li>Click <b>Holds summary</b>.</li></ul> <h2 id="04">Create sections.</h2> <p>Create a section if you want to sell multiple ticket types that share the same inventory. For example, use sections if you have some tickets for a floor section and others for a balcony section.</p> <p>To create a section, your event must be in draft without any ticket types.</p> <h3 id="04-1">1. Go to your Event Dashboard.</h3> <p>Go to <b>Manage my events</b> in your account. Then select your event.</p> <h3 id="04-2">2. Click &quot;Tickets&quot;.</h3> <h3 id="04-3">3. Click &quot;Create section&quot;.</h3> <p>If you&#39;ve already created ticket types, delete them by taking the following steps:</p> <ol><li>Click the three-dots next to the ticket type.</li><li>Click <b>Delete</b>.</li><li>Click <b>Delete</b> again to confirm.</li></ol> <h3 id="04-4">4. Enter name and capacity for this section.</h3> <p>The capacity is how many tickets are available in total for this section.</p> <h3 id="04-5">5. Add ticket types to your section.</h3> <p>Click <b>+ Ticket type</b> to create a ticket type in that section. To create another section, click <b>Create section</b>.</p> <p class="text-small l-pad-vert-2 l-pad-hor-2 card l-mar-top-2">TIP: When you create a ticket type in a section, <b>Quantity limit</b> is optional.</p> <h2 id="05">Related articles</h2> <ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">Create and edit ticket types</a></li><li><a href="" target="_blank">How to set up a waitlist</a></li></ul>

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