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Send emails to attendees

Reminder emails ensure attendees have the information they need when they need it. To send an email through your event, go to your Manage page. Then click "Emails to Attendees" (under Manage Attendees).

1. Go to your Manage page.

Event creators can log into their Eventbrite account eblink{here=> target=_blank}. Then select your event.

NOTE: Eventbrite Music — if you’re not defaulted to the Events page (where events for the selected organization show), eblink{switch your organization=>} in the top-right of the screen. Then click “Events”.

2. Click "Emails to Attendees" (under Manage Attendees).

PRO TIP: If your eblink{event has multiple dates and times=>}, choose a date in the "Occurrences" dropdown to access this tool.

3. Select "Create New Attendee Email".

4. Enter information for your email.

• Name — Person or organization sending the email • Reply-To Email — Replies to your email go to this email address • To — Send to all registered attendees or choose another option in the dropdown • Subject — Short, descriptive text explaining what the email is about

5. Create your email message.

Announcements should be clear and to the point. If necessary, also include action items for attendees.

PRO TIP: Attachments are not supported. Upload files elsewhere (e.g., eblink{Google Drive=>} or eblink{Dropbox=>}) and include links in the email.

6. Include event details and a link to print tickets.

Tick the box to add event details and a link to print tickets to the email. Remove to exclude this information.

7. Send a test email.

Your Eventbrite account email address shows by default. Click "Send Test" to send yourself a test email. Change the email address and click "Send Test" to send to another person or group alias.

TIP: All email clients and browsers are unique. Your email might look different to each attendee.

8. Schedule your email.

You have 3 options: • Send Now. Then click "Send Now". • Send on a specific date and time. Then click "Save". • Send a number of days, hours, and minutes before your event starts. Then click "Save".

9. Review your emails.

Return to "Emails to Attendees" to see scheduled and sent emails. • Emails Scheduled — Emails that are ready to send. • Emails Sent — Emails sent to attendees. Click the subject to view the email. Click "Emails" to view the recipient list. Click "Delete" to remove any scheduled emails or records of sent emails.

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