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How to check in attendees at the event with Eventbrite Organizer for iOS

Checking in attendees is quick and easy with our Eventbrite Organizer mobile app. After downloading Eventbrite Organizer, select your event and tap "Check In". Check attendees in by scrolling through the attendee list, searching for a specific attendee, or scanning barcodes/QR codes (printed or digital) on tickets.

TIP: You can also eblink{print a check in list=>} or eblink{use a laptop for check-in=>}.

NOTE: eblink{Help is available for Android users, too=>}.

1. Before getting started.

While you can log into eblink{Eventbrite Organizer=>} on multiple devices using your Eventbrite email address and password, we suggest adding eblink{subusers=>} with limited access when multiple people are checking in attendees at your event. • If you want subusers to eblink{sell tickets with Eventbrite Organizer=>}, make sure to select "Sell tickets at the door". • If you want subusers to check in attendees with Eventbrite Organizer, grant them permissions to "Check in Attendees," "View order and attendee reports (read-only)" and "Manage orders and attendees". Also, if you'd rather subusers not see sales on the dashboard, un-check the option "Access to aggregate financial data".

2. Select your event.

After you eblink{create an event=>} and eblink{download Eventbrite Organizer=>}, log in using your Eventbrite credentials (email address and password). Then tap your event from the "Select Event" screen.

3. Tap "Check In" (on the Dashboard).

NOTE: If you enabled "Auto Check-In" (under More > Settings > Event), attendees are automatically checked into your event when you eblink{sell tickets on site=>}.

4. Manual: Check attendees in (or out) of the event.

• Scroll and swipe — scroll through the attendee list and swipe right to check attendees in. Swipe left to remove the check-in. • Select and tap — select the attendee and tap "Check In" or "Check Out" on the Attendee Details screen. • Search — tap the search icon (top-right) to eblink{search=>} for the attendee by name. Then "scroll and swipe" or "select and tap".

TIP: If your event listing has eblink{offline payments=>} enabled, you'll see a message that lets you know that a payment is due for those attendees.

NOTE: If you lose your connection to the internet during check-in, you will receive a warning from the app, but you can continue to check in attendees offline. All your check-ins will automatically sync when your internet connection is restored.

5. Automatic: Scan barcodes/QR codes to check attendees in (or out) of the event.

• General — tap the scan icon (bottom-right) to use the camera on your device to scan barcodes/QR codes on printed or digital tickets. • Limited — checking in a VIP-only section? eblink{Limit which ticket types can be checked in on a particular device=>} and follow the "general" step above. The app will alert you when an attendee presents a ticket that doesn't match. • Validate Only — if there are additional checkpoints throughout the event where scanning is necessary, set the "Scan Behavior" for devices at those checkpoints to "Validate Only". Eventbrite Organizer will validate barcodes/QR codes that belong to the selected event without actually checking the attendee in (or out). • Scan to check out — configure Eventbrite Organizer to specifically scan to check out attendees by choosing More > Settings > General > Scan Behavior > Scan to Check Out.

NOTE: When scanning ticket barcodes/QR codes on mobile phones, keep the attendee's phone out of the sun or light. The brightness makes it harder to read the barcode/QR code, so adjusting the brightness on the phone can also help. In dark situations, use the lightning bolt icon to turn on your device's light for a better view.

6. Reference check-in data in Event Reports.

Monitor check-in stats by going to Event Reports on your event's Manage page. Use any of the following reports to view check-in data: • Event Attendance By Time: See check-ins by time. Get a sense of when the busiest times were for entry and use this data to plan for future events you host. • Event Attendance vs. No Shows: See "checked-in" versus "attending" (not checked-in) tickets registered to your event. • Device Check-in Summary: See check-ins by device. Great for events with multiple entry points and devices checking attendees into an event.

TIP: If you're using Eventbrite Organizer to eblink{sell tickets on site=>}, sales activity for the user currently logged in on that device shows on the "Dashboard".

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