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Can I buy a ticket without using a credit card? (e.g., with cash, check, or invoice)

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Category: Attending an Event

The ability to complete registration for an event and submit payment offline, is a setting determined by the event organizer. Check out the event listing or contact the organizer to find out if the organizer is accepting cash, checks, or invoices as "other payment options" for their event.

TIP: If you're organizing an event and want to offer attendees the ability to pay with an offline payment method, eblink{take a look here=>}.

NOTE: You'll want to connect with the event organizer if instructions for where to send payment aren't listed. eblink{Here are a few ways to reach out=>}.

1. Check for "Offline payments available" notice.

To see if the event host has set up alternate payment methods, go to the event listing and locate the Ticket Information form. If you see a notice showing "Offline payments available", you can choose a payment method during the registration process.

NOTE: If you are unable to find the "Show other payment options" link, it's likely that the event that you would like to attend is not offering offline payments. eblink{Contact the organizer=>} to ask about other options that may be available.

2. Click "Order Now."

Make sure to choose your ticket quantity and then click "Order Now." You can select your offline payment method on the registration form.

3. Complete the registration form.

To complete your registration, enter the information required in the fields provided and select the offline payment method of your choice from the "Payment Method" menu.

TIP: Be sure to jot down the payment submission instructions provided for the offline payment method you have chosen!

4. Review the Order Confirmation page and wait for your Order Confirmation email to arrive in your inbox.

Congrats! You've successfully registered! Once your order is processed, you will be taken to an Order Confirmation page to look over the details of your order and verify your payment option.

TIP: Reply to your order confirmation email if you're unsure of how to submit payment for your registration. Your email is sent to the reply-to email address entered by the event organizer when they set up their event.

NOTE: Your order confirmation email serves as a receipt for your registration. It'll be sent to the email address entered when you registered, but check your junk/spam folder if you don't see it within a few minutes after your order completes.

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