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CRM — Perfect for Conferences

In a world moving more online, live events have become an increasingly important way to to deepen relationships with clients, partners, and communities. Bringing the insight you gain from a live event onto your CRM platform of choice can be challenging, though. 

The brand new EventbriteSync app provides a seamless integration between Eventbrite and the leading CRM solution, Salesforce, helping you track and manage your events with all your other marketing and sales activities.

With EventbriteSync, event organizers can:

  • Seamlessly import event data into Salesforce to better track their customers through events and marketing campaigns;
  • Effortlessly sync Eventbrite data with Salesforce through real-time, automated and on-demand functionality;
  • Optimize the app for their specific business process with custom mapping that allows full control of data between Eventbrite and Salesforce; and
  • Transfer information from Salesforce to Eventbrite, to quickly create events associated with marketing campaigns.
Please refer to the documentation link on the right hand side for support.