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Follow Up With Batchbook Syncs Attendees

CRM — Perfect for Conferences

Collect and organize all of your attendee info into one sweet place, and then follow up like a champ to turn your events into powerful business opportunities.

Use Batchbook with Eventbrite to:

  • Follow up and keep in touch for event feedback, sponsorships and jaw-dropping engagement.

  • Cross-promote events to different audiences with bulls-eye precision. Psst: we work great with MailChimp and tons of your other apps.

  • Take a much-needed break: we auto add registrants and event details to Batchbook for you.

  • Import past event details into Batchbook for access to a full, searchable history of event participation by attendee or company. Get to know your customers at long last.

  • From Batchbook, export super-specific groups of contacts to Eventbrite for spot-on event planning and management every time.

Click the "Get Started" button and try Batchbook FREE for 30 days!

  1. Sign up for a free Batchbook trial (or connect your existing account).

  2. You’re all set! Now new registrants will be auto added to Batchbook for easier follow-up.

  3. Import contacts from past events for instant superpowers!

Email our amazingly-helpful support team at any time with questions, ideas or a good joke.

Sign up for a FREE onboarding session, where we help set up your account and show you how other businesses use the Batchbook extension for Eventbrite.

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