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Promote the Eventbrite Referral Program

We give people the power to sell tickets to their own events online.

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  • Step 1. Refer your friends

    Step 1. Refer your friends

    Eventbrite's extensive feature set and flexibility make it a great solution for all types of events - from small reunions to large conferences. As an Eventbrite Referrer, this gives you the opportunity to promote Eventbrite as either a broad solution or targeted to any of a number of verticals.

    Tell me more about how it works.

  • Step 2. They sell tickets

    Step 2. They sell tickets

    Eventbrite is very easy to use and extremely powerful. People who use Eventbrite absolutely love it. For referrers, this means superb conversion and retention rates. Eventbrite is free to try and test, so there is zero barrier for your referrals to sign up and have a look around.

  • $ $ $ $ $ $

    Step 3. We pay you!

    Eventbrite's referral program offers a very generous referral payment for a full year following your referred user's signup as an Eventbrite organizer.

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