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5 to Follow: To Eat Better in DC

By / December 5, 2018

It’s that time again. A new year is here, and with it comes a slew of expectations for what the next 365 days will look like. Maybe you’ll travel more, find a new job, meet a life-changing friend, or finally commit to that gym membership. We all make resolutions as the new year approaches, and many of those goals are rooted in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. For some, it could be trying out yoga for the first time. For others, it might mean that it’s time to reassess your current nutrition situation. Many of us could stand to improve the way we eat (whether if that’s with more salads or with more carbs!), so why not lean on the experts for some advice and guidance along the way? Here are five DC-area Eventbrite creators who fit the bill.

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Via Umbria


Look out for: This DC staple is a one-stop-shop for all things Italian. This part café, part market, and part restaurant regularly hosts cooking classes and “Somm Sitdowns” where folks can enjoy a guided tasting of some of Italy’s best and hardest-to-find wines. Dinners at the chef’s table are equally popular events that will give you a front row seat to some of the most memorable Italian food you’ll consume on this side of the Atlantic.

Why: Because a night out at Via Umbria is substantially more affordable than airfare to Rome. And considering the fact that Italian food is a culinary mainstay, it’s not a bad idea to learn about flaming risottos and homemade pasta from the experts. You’ll step up your skills in the kitchen in no time.

The Joodlum Group

H Street

Look out for: This conceptual design firm is behind some of the most creative food ventures in the District, including mainstays like Pow Pow and Sticky Rice. Their Noridojo event aims to dive deeper into the possibilities of kosher and plant-based food. Attendees will learn how to recreate favorites and new sustainable alternatives to classic sushi and Japanese street food. Or keep an eye out for one of their killer parties.

Why: Impress your friends with your newly acquired sushi-rolling skills, or simply become acquainted with one of DC’s trendiest food groups. Past events have included DJ-fueled dance and dinner parties.

Acacia Food & Wine

Cleveland Park

Look out for: Acacia Bistro & Wine Bar highlights Mediterranean fare and libations. This spot regularly hosts farm-to-table brunches and live jazz dinners that will definitely give you something to remember. Produce comes from King’s Farm of Westmoreland County, Virginia, and eggs are sourced from Ben’s Produce of Chanceford, Pennsylvania.

Why: While weekend brunch never needs a reason to happen, these delicious farm-to-table bites are certainly one solid incentive to wake up before noon on a Sunday. Other popular events include jazz nights and winegrower meet-and-greets.



Look out for: Take advantage of the chance to reassess your meat consumption and try your hand at cooking vegetarian noodle bowls. Or why not give New Orleans cooking or doughnuts and waffles a try? Learn to master the cast iron skillet or to roll your own sushi. Whatever your cuisine craving, come to these classes hungry.

Why: Chefs Amy von Lange and Jerry Pellegrino bring their passion for cooking alive in these hands-on, immersive classes. The duo has more than 25 years of industry experience, so students will learn from the pros at this popular culinary school. Whether you’re looking for a fun date night idea, or you’d just like to improve your skills in the kitchen, these two are worth keeping an eye on.

The Art of Living Foundation

Adams Morgan

Look out for: Take a crash course in Ayurvedic cooking at these workshops, where participants study how to be their own “wellness alchemists.” Learn how to use food to recognize imbalances in your body and potentially correct them, too. This event promises to offer up insights about our relationship with food that both novices and veterans alike will appreciate.

Why: As the digestive system becomes an increasingly hot topic in the culinary world, it’s the perfect time to explore what a gut-focused diet might look like. Plus, you’ll pick up simple recipes applying Ayurvedic cooking principles that can be followed for any cuisine.

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Mekita Rivas is a freelance journalist and creative consultant based in Washington, D.C. She’s currently a fashion news writer for Teen Vogue and a contributing writer for The Washington Post, Glamour, Architectural Digest, SELF, and others. When not writing — or thinking about writing — she enjoys working out, exploring D.C.’s food scene, and planning her next escapade.

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