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The Latest Toning Up Trends in LA

By / October 22, 2015


It’s 5:30 AM. Your alarm just went off and it’s time for your public park boot camp class at some hellz bells time of the morning when the only place you really want to be is in the middle of a dream. Instead, you drag yourself outta the sack and try to psych yourself up for an hour of “dear gawd help me.” To those of you reading this who think boot camp is alright, my drill sergeant’s hat is off to you. But for those of you who need to know your workout is going to be fun to get yourself out the door and in the car (c’mon, this is LA, no one walks to class), check out the latest toning up trends in LA that will have you feeling—and looking—fantastic.


A Little Friendly Competition: FLYWHEEL

Lights down. Music up. Race on! Let’s just cut to the chase: Flywheel, pretty much rocks. Your instructor is part trainer, part badass DJ, and with stadium style seating, there’s never a bad bike in the house. How’s this cycling class different from its competitors, you ask? Tech-pack, baby! Each bike comes equipped with a torq (resistance) and RPM display so that you can really create a customized workout for yourself during each ride. Then there’s the “Torqboard,” a screen that lists the classes’ top racers throughout and acts as an awesome motivator to put a competitive…er… spin on things. Once you create a profile, your stats from each ride will be recorded so that you can track your progress and set new goals for your pedal pushing self. The first ride is free, shoe rental is always included, and your chances of sharing some sweat space with a favorite celeb is pretty solid. Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out the super cute merch up at the front (and the awesome Bliss products in the restroom). Sahweeet!


Getting’ Yer Beach Bum Into Shape: SANDBOX FITNESS

You may live in LA but when was the last time you went to the beach? Yep, same here. Why not hang ten and bring the beach to you with the awesome new Surfset workout concept at Sandbox Fitness? Picture a sand-filled gym and multiple surfboard stations designed to help you strengthen your core and work on your balance and agility by holding it all together on a surfboard. Go on and get your feet wet with their Surfset101 class. This intro (first is free) is hard as hell but wowza, what a fun freakin’ class and concept! There’s nothing else like it and if you really wanna mix some turf with that surf, instructor/owner David will be sure to kick things off with some jumping jacks on the “beach.” Currently, you can ride the wave into one of two LA locations: Sherman Oaks and (soon-to-be opening) West Hollywood.


Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down: SKY ZONE

This place ain’t your mama’s trampoline park. Get some air (and your cardio goin’) every Saturday night at Sky Zone during the Mega Jump from 9PM-midnight. Enjoy three hours of unlimited jumping, dodgeball, and even basketball while a DJ spins above the main courts (Word to the wise: climbing out of a four foot deep foam pit is a lot harder than it looks. Just sayin’). Need a break? Grab some grub at one of Sky Zone’s snack counters until you’re ready to bounce baby bounce back onto one of the main courts. South Bay buddies, be sure to check out the Torrance location. And for my East Valley peeps who don’t feel like hauling it west, a Skyzone Glendale location has just been announced. Plenty of options to jump up and work out!



Nicole is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle and entertainment writer. A
native New Yorker and graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and
the university’s journalism school, she enjoys quoting “Seinfeld” and
Home Alone in real-life conversations whenever possible. She loves
travel and believes there are few things in life that a foodie-feast, epic
game night with friends or perfect iced coffee can’t cure. Fun Fact: She,
her mom and dad all share the same birthday. Whaaaaaaat?

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