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Adult Summer Camp is a Thing

Summer camp is back and it just got better. A nostalgic rendition of your childhood summers, but with spiked juice boxes, no curfew, and zero wifi. Here’s a look at some of the camps sparking this fast-growing trend.

By / May 1, 2017
   Camp No Counselors.
   Camp No Counselors.

Close your eyes for a second.

But not really, because you need to keep reading this.

Think back to your first summer at camp. The land of slow days on the lake, wrist to elbow covered with soggy friendship bracelets, sing-along songs that somehow everyone knew the words to. A place where first crushes were made and second bases were stolen (I see you, Zac B.) A euphoric land of quick friends and loose rules.

Well, I’m here to tell you that summer camp is back, baby. A nostalgic rendition of your childhood summers, but this time with spiked juice boxes, no curfew, and zero wifi. Here’s a look at some of summer camps for adults sparking this fast-growing trend.


Camp No Counselors
Locations: Austin, Boston, Chicago, LA, Miami, Michigan, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, San Antonio, Madison, Denver, Seattle, Calgary
Camp Motto: Escape to Happiness
What to Expect: Bullies need not apply. Camp No Counselors brings together 200 like-minded, fun and friendly adults for a week of water sports, arts ‘n crafts, epic nightly theme parties, gourmet meals, and an open bar. There’s even a Talent Show. You might meet your new best friend since the absence of wifi and cell phones will actually make you [gasp] talk to strangers. Dates for 2017 are filling up quickly, so get on it!
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Camp grounded
Locations: Northern California, New York, North Carolina, Texas
Camp Motto: Pure, Unadulterated Camp for Grown-Ups
What to Expect: Camp Grounded is less about the party and more about connecting with others and untethering yourself from “the grind.” Activities include yoga, creative writing, photography, ukulele lessons, spoon carving, pickling 101, dream catcher making…you get it. Sapce is limited, so get a jump on your 2017 camp plan.
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Camp Bonfire
Location: Lake Owego, Poconos (2.5 hours outside of NYC)
Camp Motto: Real Summer Camp for Adults
What to Expect: Camp Bonfire says they aren’t here to fix you, cleanse you, or launch you. They’re just about relaxation, adventure, and connecting with one another. Since they only have one date and location, it’s a bit more exclusive than other camps on this list. And if you’re looking to play flip cup all day, this isn’t the camp for you. Drinks are served in the evening only. 2017 sessions are June 16-18 and September 8-10.
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Adult Space Camp
Locations: Huntsville, Alabama
Camp Motto: They don’t need one because it’s freaking SPACE CAMP.
What to Expect: Always wanted to go to space camp but never won a Nickelodeon game show? Here’s your chance to become a real live astronaut (kind of). This two-night experience allows you to join hands-on, interactive space missions. Meals and lodging are included, but just like regular space camp, you’re going to need a full piggy bank to afford this childhood dream.
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Soul Camp
Locations: New York, LA, and Chicago
Camp Motto: Adult Sleepaway Camp for the Soul
What to Expect: Soul Camp brings together world-renowned teachers, authors, and motivators for their camping experience. It’s alcohol-free, and focuses more on the detoxification of the soul. Also, their meals might be the most healthy-looking things to ever grace a mess hall. There are day camp opportunities as well as sleepaway.
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Wild Honey Pie

Welcome Campers // The Wild Honey Pie
Location: Camp Lenox, Massachusetts
What to Expect: If you’ve ever dreamed of playing kickball or singing by the fire with your favorite indie artists? Welcome Campers is the place for you! Now in its fifth year, this all-inclusive, music-filled sleepaway camp weekend for grown-ups is taking place at Camp Lenox in The Berkshires. Join artists and friends for classic camp activities, meals, parties and more, plus experience the nostalgia of summer camp alongside exciting performances in an intimate setting.


Unique CAMP
Location: Big Bear, California
What to Expect: Unique CAMP is a non-conference “conference” designed to provide new skills and inspiration. Whether you work in a corporate environment, run your own small biz, or freelance, CAMP’s unique mix of curriculum and outdoor activities will break you out of your day-to-day grind and help you rediscover your childhood sense of wonder.


Other camps to check out: Camp Throwback, Club Getaway, Adult Band Camp


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Alexa is a professional weekender. She loves chilling with Mother Nature and debating life's greatest mysteries with her corgi Carl. She also wrote this entire thing with her nose.

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  1. is it separate from gays and lesbias? becausea lot of this events end up being more for lesbians and few gays. It should be separate otherwise it is not worth it.

  2. Another fantastic summer camp for adults (including the over 50 age group – but a range of ages) is at Cornell University. https://www.sce.cornell.edu/cau/ They have tons of classes for adults ranging from the intellectual to the athletic. I have taken week long classes on digital photography, cooking, writing, tennis, rowing, etc. There are also fascinating classes about astronomy or fractals or Jane Austen or the Middle East. You can also bring your kids or grandkids and they can take classes about architecture or cartooning or filmmaking or engineering or sailing. (You rarely have to see them the entire week, if you need a break!)
    Check out Cornell Adult University.

  3. Regina Fletcher

    This is so cool! II’ll share these at the workshop I’m teaching next week called “How to Meet Great People for Dating or Decades of Friendship: The Summer Festival Edition (in San Francisco). The reason I added the summer festival part was because so many people have accelerated deep connection with people they meet on intentional weekend gatherings.

  4. Sara Anderson

    Adding another to the list (full disclosure, I’m the founder). Camp Hygge takes place on the outskirts of beautiful Yosemite and is focused on inspiring and really fostering connection amongst campers.
    We are really excited to provide a one-of-a-kind experience at our first session in September, 2016!

  5. Why isn’t there a adult sports camp for specific sports? Some people may of always wanted to learn a specific sport, but never got to, because they grew up with overprotective parents.

  6. Carole

    Campwonderful.com Aug 25-28 is like scout camp for adultsin Massachusetts. Lots of fun, activities, and learning new things (if you choose). All ages over 18 are welcome. No alcohol/drugs.

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