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Start the Year Off Right With These 15 Classes in SF This January

By / January 2, 2019
   Prep School
   Prep School

Start the year off right by expanding your skills through exciting DIY classes in San Francisco. Pick up a meditation practice or find out how to deepen your relaxation through breath work. Do a deep dive on chili and bourbon or transform your diet with anti-inflammatory foods and digestive herbs. Whether you want to make sausage, create reusable art, or just finally get the hang of meal prep, there’s a class for you. Fill up your January cal with these 15 editor-approved classes.

Marc Freedman: How to Live Forever

Commonwealth Club

What are the secrets to having a better, longer life? Marc Freedman, CEO of, will show you how the power of cooperation and connection can transform your life and your impact on the world.

$12 - $59 / RSVP

Mindfulness Meditation Group 2019

Grace Cathedral

Is meditation one of your 2019 resolutions? Get started with this free mindfulness meditation group at Grace Cathedral, where author Darren Main will guide you through a meditation practice.


Digestive Wellness with Herbs and Spices

Oaktown Spice Shop

Kickstart your digestion and transform your health through the power of herbs and spices. Holistic Nutritionist Lila Volkas will guide you through tips and recipes, including spiced smoothie bowls.

$58 / RSVP
   Prep School

Winter Wellness: Elderberry Elixir + 2019 Vision Workshop


Infuse your 2019 with some positive energy. Step one: Learn how to make your own immunity-boosting elderberry tincture. Step two: Create a powerful, actionable outline for your best year ever.

$45 - $59 / RSVP

HERE: Psychedelic Breath Meditation at the Planetarium

California Academy of Sciences

Delve into your deepest relaxation through the power of psychedelic breath work. Learn how to use sound, music, meditation, and breath to access your powerful dream state while you're fully awake.

$32 / RSVP

New Year, New You: Food as a Foundation for Abundant Health

True Food Kitchen

Want to give your diet a healthy makeover? This workshop focuses on the healing power of food and mindful eating. Explore anti-inflammatory foods, set intentions, and learn from nutrition experts.

$30 / RSVP

Chili Cook Off Class

18 Reasons

It's cold outside and hella cozy inside, aka it's the perfect time for chili. Level up your culinary game by learning how to make three different chilis, then make it a party with a DIY toppings bar.

$70 - $80 / RSVP

An Embodied Approach to Self-Care, Wellness, and Trauma

Room 610A

Where do you hold emotions, and how can you move them through your system? This free class will guide you how to use physical and mental exercises to tune in to your body and mind.


Candle Making with Lighten Up Shoppe


Stick to your budget goals and skip those trendy candle splurges this year by learning how to DIY your own candles. In this class, you'll whip up a signature scent and create two handmade candles.

$58 / RSVP

The American Spirit: Bourbon

Cavallo Point Lodge

Cold weather = bourbon season. Learn the basics of bourbon by tasting your way through six different varieties, and enjoy mouthwatering snack pairings with each drink.

$101 / RSVP

Creative Reuse Art Class

Ecology Center

Transform your piles of old fabric or plastic bags into exciting art. Learn the basics of crochet, weaving, twining, and coiling as you work on a guided cardboard weaving project with reuse materials.

$9 - $14 / RSVP

Sausage Making Class

The Local Butcher Shop

Fill your plates and recipes with handmade, artisan sausage. The pros at The Local Butcher Shop will share techniques and recipes as you make 3 pounds of pork sausage and 2 pounds of lamb sausage.

$120 / RSVP
Australian-style cafes Los Angeles
   Erika Rasso

Prep School: Meal Prep For Busy People


Want to cook more in 2019, but your schedule is still jam-packed? The folks from Prep School are here to make your meal prep dreams come true with tips, tricks, and recipes for busy home cooks.

$59 / RSVP

Tincture Making for the Immune System

Sticky Art Lab

Tired of always catching the office cold or flu? Boost your immune system with an herbal tincture. Create your very own immunity boosting tincture from fresh and dried plants at this DIY class.

$45 / RSVP
   UC Berkeley

Inner Glow Evening Meditation

Glow Yoga, Barre, Spinning & Spa

Who doesn't want better focus, awareness, and sleep in 2019? Luckily, these are all benefits of meditation. Learn a variety of meditation and breath-work techniques at this relaxation-focused class.

$11 / RSVP


Claire Margine is a writer living in San Francisco. She’s a fan of daycations, dumplings for breakfast, and bottomless coffee. You can usually find her at the beach, or asking if she can pet your dog.

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