10 Gorgeous Northern California Glamping Sites

10 Gorgeous Northern California Glamping Sites
   Teresa Raffo

We all have a different definition of roughing it. I’m totally fine with sleeping on the cold ground and eating beans out of a can—I ain’t too proud. But, I’m also not giving a hard "no" to a proper mattress or a bathtub under the stars. Here's where to find those luxuries in NorCal.

Lucky for us bougie adventurers, glamping is no longer only for the hoity-toity, high-maintenance types and more for the normal folk who just want to flush their poop. Here are 10 Northern California spots to get your glamp on.

Thomas J. Story photographer for Sunset Magazine

Autocamp, Russian River
Notables: Dog Friendly, Russian River, Nicer Than Your Apartment
I first saw Autocamp on the cover of Sunset Magazine and I drooled a little bit. It’s pretty pricey—I have a feeling even their soap smells like money—but woo-weee this looks like Airstream porn! Designed by a fancy-pants architect and designer, the 24 ‘streams have walnut cabinetry, Casper mattresses, and the fanciest bathrooms I’ve ever seen in a trailer.


Safari Tent In Coastal Woodlands
Notables: Dog Friendly, Coastal, #Nofilter Instagram Worthy
White sand beaches on Mendocino’s coast, a light breakfast & coffee delivered to your porch every morning, heated bathroom floors. Phew! Because it really chaps my ass when I’m camping and my bare feet touch cold, expensive tiles. This sexy retreat is situated on 37 acres of woodland and is only ¼ mile south of Mendocino and Big River Beach. Their season is short (July through Labor Day), so get on it now or plan ahead for next year!


Mongolian Yurt, Colfax
Notables: Wordly, Yurty
Why travel 5924 miles to Mongolia when you could go to Colfax, California? The photos and description of this place really say it all. Pool, massage on site, hot tub, sauna, outdoor kitchen, GOLD PANNING, and numerous nearby hiking trails. This has to be the most opulent yurt in all of yurtland.


Steep Ravine Cabins
Close to Home, Views
These cabins are bare bones (no water or electricity), but earn their spot on this list because of their nutso views. Air mattresses, bedding, lanterns, and cooking supplies are on you, but there’s a wood-burning stove and a slaying view of the Pacific Ocean. Spend the day at nearby Stinson Beach or hike the Steep Ravine/Dipsea trails to make a weekend out of it.


Oz Farms, Point Arena
Notables: Organic Produce Farm, Old Hippie Commune
When I first visited Oz Farms, we pulled up in the dark and I was certain this was where they filmed The Blair Witch Project. I was also 97% sure I wasn’t going to make it through the night. Thankfully, the sun came up and so did my outlook on dying in the woods. Oz Farms is an old hippie commune, with seven rustic cabins, redwood campsites, and geodesic domes. It’s situated on a working organic produce farm, where you can purchase a box of produce and cook your meals in the community kitchen. Most cabins have solar-powered electricity and a personal outhouse. If you want to make a weekend out of it, check out my recommendations for Boonville on your way to the farm.


Kelly Flournoy

Yuba River Retreat
Notables: Swimmable River, Hobbit House
These little stone cottages have all the accoutrements for a good time—stoves, sinks, refrigerators, queen beds, and an outdoor bbq. There’s also a bath house with a hot shower and an outdoor shower with views of the river. You might feel like a hobbit staying here, but you don’t need to smell like one.


Pacific Ocean Glamping, Sea Ranch
Notables: The VIEW, Hot Showers, Cell Reception
Okay, this view is just stupid. Each safari tent is situated 400 feet above the coast with a view of the water. Black Point Beach is just 2 miles from camp, so enjoy a day exploring and come back to rock on your tent’s porch. And while not being tethered to your phone is nice and all, you could technically “work from home” at this spot because there’s wifi. Just sayin’…


Safari West, Santa Rosa
Notables: Animals.
Before you PETA people start jumping down my throat, let me say that I do not condone the mistreatment of animals. Safari West, from what I can tell, is solely focused on environmental education and conservation. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how this IS SO FREAKING COOL!? Did you know you can sleep in a safari tent amongst giraffes, water buffalo, and rhinos in CALIFORNIA!? Color me shocked and sign. me. up.


Basecamp Hotel
Notables: No Bugs, Sweet Beds, Faux Fire
This is truly the best option for those of you who really think that sleeping outside is a great idea—in theory. The Basecamp Hotel brings everything we love about camping into one air conditioned, bug-free room. You’ll never need to tend to your fire because it’s fake. No need to crawl to the outhouse in the middle of the night because you have a porcelain throne. Explore all that Tahoe has to offer in the summer, then rest assured you’re not sleeping on the ground.


Treehouse Vineyard, Monterey Bay
Notables: Treehouse, Vineyard, Feel Like Tarzan
I know treehouses are a “thing” in their own right, but what the…? This place looks BONKERS. A treehouse built in giant Douglas Fir Tree, overlooking a vineyard, and views of Monterey Bay? The only thing that could make this spot cooler is a zip-line down to the beach. That’d be pretty dope.