9 Cozy Cabins in Northern California for the Perfect Winter Getaway

9 Cozy Cabins in Northern California for the Perfect Winter Getaway

The second I walk into my apartment, I take off my pants…

…and put on comfy pants. If being comfortable is an art, you can call me Pablo (or Vincent, or Frida, or Georgia. Or whatever, you get it.) So it’s no surprise that when it comes to cabin getaways, I like ‘em cozy. A silent secluded spot in the woods where I can cuddle under a blanket with a few bottles glasses of wine and pretend like this didn’t happen last week.

These Northern California cabins are the perfect destination for such a getaway. So bundle up, turn off that cell phone, and get in the zone. Because cozy is truly a state of mind. (Can someone put that on a t-shirt for me?)

Cozy Cottage, Lake Tahoe, CA
Welcome to your year-round escape. This cottage sits a few blocks off the shore of Lake Tahoe and is equally as cozy in the winter as it is in the summer. And you can bring your dog! Because if you’re like me, the only reason you work hard is to give your dog a better life.


Mega Cabin, Mt. Shasta, CA
This cabin is made for getting cozy with friends. I guarantee there are more rooms than your apartment and it also comes with a top-notch view of Mt. Shasta. If you’re looking for things to do in the area, check out my NorCal Small Town Getaway Guide.



Log Cabin, Sacramento, CA
Capital charm aside, I don’t hear “Sac Town” and automatically think, “Hey there’s a place I could get cozy in.” Or maybe I do?? Anyway, this tucked-back log cabin offers serious City of Trees vibes. It is gorgeous, in the woods, made of wood, and allows pets. Because again, your dog > friends.


Manzanita Lake Cabins, Lassen Volcanic National Park
Want to get away but still be able to pay rent this month? Check out the budget-friendly Manzanita Lake Cabins. They’re pretty bare-bones, but this little meatball of a cabin is the perfect alternative to tent camping. Want more recommendations on fancy camping spots? I’ve got glamping recommendations in Norcal, too!


Far Meadow Cabins, Yosemite, CA
We’ve hit the jackpot of coziness, people! What’s better than one cozy cabin? DUH FOUR. These cabins have all the amenities you need while still experiencing the solace of nature. Plus super mod furniture will make you feel like you’re stepping back in cabin history.


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White Rock Resort, Smith River, CA
This is not a drill. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I’ve discovered an entire compound of cabins directly on the coast. I’ll admit, they’re a little dated, but who wouldn’t want to whale watch from your own private outdoor hot tub? Nobody, the answer is nobody.


Chic Cabin, Sonoma Valley, CA
Not *quite* sure what qualifies a cabin as chic but I think this place has got it. Hit up some of our favorite things to do in wine country, then come back to your tiny cabin in the vines.


Madrone Cabins, Point Reyes, CA

Another option for those who want to feel like one with the woods, but don’t want to wake up with the woods in their hair, ifyaknowwhatimean. These cabins are close to the city and sleep several. There’s heating, electricity, “and mattresses.” The only thing left is a sleeping bag and your cozy little self.


Dreamcatcher, Russian River, CA

On top of Sunrise Mountain is a little cabin in the woods with wifi, and a hot tub, and an afghan draped over every chair. And everyone lived happily ever after because they were always cozy. The end.