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fitness classes in San Francisco

5 to Follow: Exercise and Self-Care

By / December 3, 2018

Juggling a jam-packed calendar on top of regular life in a frenetic city can bump self-care and exercise to the bottom of your to-do list.

Listen: You deserve some time to clear your mind. Breaking a sweat is a great way to do so. From heart-rate-spiking dance classes to deep meditation sessions, San Francisco has so much to offer when it comes to fitness and relaxation. Follow these five event organizers to stay in the loop on upcoming self-care and exercise-themed classes and workshops.

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Anchor Meditation

For the mellow meditation fan: Anchor Meditation

Cow Hollow

Look out for: Themed meditation classes. Whether it’s breathwork, reiki, or vivid guided imagery, you can test out all kinds of different meditation and go way above and beyond your basic practice. Follow Anchor Meditation to find out which themed classes are coming up next.

Why: Maybe you’re a meditation newbie, or you’ve been practicing for a while and just want to mix it up. Maybe you’re looking for a workshop that tackles self-love and wellness, or you just want some new tools to help with anxiety. Whatever you’re looking for in the health and meditation space, Anchor Meditation has something for you. They host a ton of classes and workshops, all focused on different aspects of meditation and self-care.

Add more quietness, relaxation, and breathing to your routine by trying out a class or workshop. Find out what they’re offering in the next few months by following Anchor Meditation today.

Kafi Payne

For the future dance star: Kafi Payne, aka Dogpatch Dance and Yoga


Look out for: Buti Sculpt. This super-intense, super-fun workout is frequently on the Dogpatch Dance and Yoga calendar. It’s a combination of yoga, plyometrics, and dance that’s sure to make you break a sweat. Follow Kafi Payne, the owner of Dogpatch Dance and Yoga, to make sure you snag a spot in the next Buti Sculpt class.

Why: Looking for a next-level workout that doesn’t involve another boring trip to the gym? Add some innovative dance classes to your fitness roster. At Dogpatch Dance and Yoga, they teach everything from K-Pop choreography to pole-dancing to abs and booty bootcamp. Round up your crew and hit a class together. You can say goodbye to your workout funk, and pick up a ton of new moves to show off the next time you’re on a dance floor.

Find out how to do a pole inversion, end the day with an “After Work Twerk” class, or chill out with an hour of yoga. With tons of classes popping up every month, you can always give your exercise routine a makeover by following Kafi Payne’s Dogpatch Dance and Yoga to learn about their latest offerings.

Parsley Health

For the health-trend curious: Parsley Health

Financial District

Look out for: Cutting-edge health trends, discussed by experts. Want to know what’s going on with supplements, adaptogens, meditation, or mindful eating? Parsley Health always covers the latest health developments with classes and Q&As featuring health industry experts. Follow Parsley Health to find out what to add to your wellness routine.

Why: There are so many options out there when it comes to “getting healthy.” It’s hard to know where to start when you want to clean up your diet and clear out some of your stress. Parsley Health gives you an easy first step on your wellness journey. Pick a class that looks interesting, then go learn from experts. You may even get to munch on healthy snacks or down a CBD-laced cocktail in the process.

Find out what the experts in health trends are saying. A few of these activities or ingredients might be right for you. When you follow Parsley Health, you’ll get to tune into what they’re covering next and add some new health-related adventures to your future.

Outdoor Yoga SF

For the yoga fanatic: Outdoor Yoga SF

Mission Bay

Look out for: Silent Disco Beach Yoga! Do your best downward dog as you gaze at the ocean, then dance in the waves to silent disco beats. A live DJ keeps it all perfectly soundtracked. Follow Outdoor Yoga SF to add a little beachy flair to your yoga routine.

Why: We live in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, so let’s break out of our lovely yoga studios and take in some views when we’re stretching out our limbs. The Pacific Ocean is way dreamier than a slightly sweat-fogged mirror, and tons of fresh ocean air makes any workout so much better. There’s nothing like watching the sunset as you dig your toes into the sand and let out a deep breath.

Outdoor Yoga SF offers Silent Disco yoga, golden hour yoga, sunset yoga, and daytime yoga on Baker Beach. Pick the time and vibe that works best for you, and follow Outdoor Yoga SF so you can stay up to date on their yoga offerings.

The Center SF

For the self-care seeker: The Center SF


Look out for: Yoga sound baths. The combination of a sound bath and yoga is a powerful relaxation experience. You’ll feel the tension release from your mind and body during the experience. Follow The Center SF so you can snag tickets and schedule some serenity.

Why: From sound baths to new moon ceremonies to psychic fairs, The Center SF has it all when it comes to self-care. Try some chakra sound healing, take a class on how to be a woman and not give a f**k, or sip on cacao as you embark on a lucid meditation adventure. You can expand your mind and find out what works for you through different classes and experiences.

What new journey do you want to go on? What skills look interesting, or what gatherings spark your imagination? The Center SF is constantly adding new events, so follow them today to keep up on what’s coming next.

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Claire Margine is a writer living in San Francisco. She’s a fan of daycations, dumplings for breakfast, and bottomless coffee. You can usually find her at the beach, or asking if she can pet your dog.

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