7 Bachelorette Party Ideas For Raging & Relaxing in SF

There are three things to get excited about when a close friend gets engaged: 1) Her lifelong happiness blah blah blah, 2) The open bar at her wedding, and 3) The bachelorette party. These things somehow make the incessant talk about mason jar floral arrangements or wedding registries more bearable.

But, even a bachelorette party can go terribly wrong if not planned well. One minute you’re scheduling a fun girls’ dinner and night out, so everyone can meet, and bond, and the next thing you know: you’re wearing a penis pacifier and makin’ it rain at a strip club—we’re totally down with a good lap dance (you know, if watching firemen play with their hoses is your thing.) In fact, if that’s your thing, you’ve probably got the bachelorette party all figured out and don’t need our help

But for those of you who’d like to celebrate sans penises (real or prop), here are seven killer bachelorette party ideas that everyone will remember (parts of, anyway) forever.


Photo Credit: Kodiak Greenwood


An Epic Spa Day

Is there anything better than lazing around all day, sipping champs, and getting pampered? No, no there is not. The only problem with a spa day is that the girls will be off in separate rooms getting exfoliated, scrubbed, and rubbed down. Not exactly sure how that’s a problem, but maybe it has something to do with being apart from one another. You can ensure it’ll be a bonding experience by going to a spa where you can make a whole day of it. Cavallo Point’s Spa (ranked the fourth best hotel spa in the U.S. by Travel and Leisure) is just the spot.

To start, Cavallo’s historic property in Fort Baker, located a half mile north of the Golden Gate Bridge, is totally stunning with amazing views. The spa features 11,000 square feet with 11 treatment rooms, a warm mediation pool, and, last but not least, a fire pit, aka: the perfect place for post-treatment lounging and girl talk. There are morning fitness classes for the girls who want to get their exercise on first (not sure who you are, but we’re definitely sure you exist). And then, after everyone’s all relaxed from spa treatments, the group can take a custom hands-on cooking class. We suggest Bites and Flights. In this course, you’ll eat four to eight bites, paired with a flight of four wines. If you want to stay the night (you do), check out the Girlfriends’ Getaway package, which includes accommodations plus $400 in credit to apply to spa treatments, cooking classes, room service, and lots of other good stuff.




A Very Bridal Scavenger Hunt

If the bridal party is even the slightest bit competitive, why not test everyone’s wit and teamwork with The Bride-‘n’-Go Seek Hunt put on by Watson Adventures? Your mission: search for objects and take photos in specific locations in SF neighborhoods. Instead of your typical random scavenger hunt, everything relates to the bride and her wedding. It’s HER day after all, in case you didn’t hear. It’s a great opportunity for the bride’s out-of-town friends to see the city in a unique way (and get to know everyone better). And at the end, you’ll all gather in a bar (or a location of your choice) to take a custom Know Your Bride Quiz and raise a glass to the winners (and the bride…because again: her day). The whole thing takes around two hours and is a fun way for people to bond before the heavy drinking starts.



Photo Credit: Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square


A Suite Hotel Slumber Party

San Francisco has plenty of hotels with sweet suites (usually costing anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000). Find the one you like the best and spend the night in ordering room service, poppin’ bottles, playing games, having pillow fights, braiding each other’s hair, prank calling boys, and watching movies. We love the suites at the Fairmont Heritage Place at Ghirardelli Square because they’re actually like residential-style accommodations, but with all of the luxuries of a hotel, including outdoor terraces with fire pits, in-residence massages, an afternoon wine and cheese reception, and personal chefs and waiters if you want ‘em. And it’s really affordable (for a hotel suite anyway) with daily rates starting at $1,600 for a two bedroom (that very comfortably sleeps six). Best of all: you can get Le Marais pastries in the morning.



Photo Credit: Francis Ford Coppola Winery


A Wine Country Pool Party

San Francisco is not known for its sunbathing weather, so you’ll have to venture outside of the city for this one. But, it’s well worth the trip when the destination is the pool at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Rent as many Cabines as you need to accommodate your group (each one can be used by up to four people, though exceptions can be made) and includes four pool passes, a private shower, and towels. You get the Cabines for the entire day, so take a break from sunning and swimming at either 11:30 AM or 1:30 PM for a private tour and tasting and then head back to the pool where you can order lunch (and more drinks) from the Pool Café. Later on, play bocce at one of the four courts or borrow a board game to play in the shade.



Photo Credit: SF Bay Adventures


An Adventure on the Bay

Everyone loves a boat…especially when that boat is cruising around the Bay providing Instagram opportunity after Instagram opportunity. SF Bay Adventures has a boat trip for pretty much every bride’s personality. You can go whale watching at the Farallon Islands, chow down at a lobster feed on Angel Island, listen to live jazz during a sunset cruise, watch a Giants game from a schooner in McCovey Cove, indulge in a champagne dinner on a yacht, or throw a pirate party (our favorite and probably the one every bride will want)—ahoy!



Photo Credit: Cozymeal


An Interactive Cooking Class (with Wine, of course)

The point of a bachelorette party is not just to embarrass the bride (and get really drunk). It’s a chance for friends of the bride to break the ice and bond, especially if they haven’t met yet. And, this is something that happens quite quickly when a group of women try to cook a meal together. Cozymeal is a great choice for brides who want something low key (especially if the party is a multi-day affair). Professional chefs can come to you or can go to them. Cook a gourmet three-course French meal, partake in an Iron Chef-style cooking competition, or do a full market tour that includes shopping at the farmer’s market, planning, and preparing a four-course lunch. Even if you are planning on a weekend of non-stop drinking, you’ve still gotta eat, right?



Photo Credit: Flickr/Mark H. Anbinder


A Musical Night to Remember

Consider the best activity (bachelorette party or otherwise) of all time. You know what we’re getting at. Yup, that’s right: Karaoke. The Mint is always an excellent spot with great performers, but the downside is that it’s crowded and popular and there’s a good chance not everyone in your group will get a turn. Instead, consider going to a sing-a-long at The Castro Theater (this is your chance to do your best Elsa) or getting a private room at a spot like Playground where there’s a full bar and lots of drink specials. If karaoke isn’t the group’s jam, the dueling pianos at Johnny Foley’s may be the ticket since singing along isn’t required, but is totally encouraged. Song suggestions include: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” and, if she’s that kinda bride (we all know one): “Gold Digger.”


Main Image: Clane Gessel Photography via Brides