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volunteer events in 2019

5 to Follow: For Volunteering in NYC in 2019

By / November 26, 2018

New York City residents are probably more aware of our neighbors than anyone else in the country.

Our apartments are stacked on top of each other and we squish ourselves into packed subways every morning. New Yorkers might have a reputation for being cold, cranky, and in a hurry literally all of the time, but we truly look out for each other.

So it goes without saying that our volunteer opportunities are endless. If one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2019 is to give back to your community, here are five do-gooder Eventbrite organizers who create some of the most impactful opportunities to donate your time and money in New York City.

You follow your favorite artists, venues, and meme accounts on Instagram. Now, you can keep up with your favorite event creators on Eventbrite. Simply tap the “follow” button to make sure you never miss tickets from your favorite creators. You’ll get an email from Eventbrite whenever a new event goes on sale, so you’ll never miss a great experience again.

For using your best skills: Repair the World NYC

Look out for: Volunteer tutoring, meal preparation for intimate family dinners, phone banking for tenants’ rights, and leaf raking in your favorite park. Follow Repair the World NYC on Eventbrite for a wide range of volunteer opportunities across the city.

Why: Because no matter what you’re good at or what you love to do, you can use those skills to improve the lives of your neighbors and city. Repair the World was founded to encourage young American Jews to volunteer in their local communities, and invites people of all backgrounds to join them at their diverse do-good events, from teaching math to kids to serving shoppers at a food pantry.

For lifting up thousands of New Yorkers at once: The Bowery Mission

Look out for: Opportunities to give your time (like food prep and clothing drives) or your money (like fancy galas and casual fundraiser dinners) to New Yorkers who need it. When you follow The Bowery Mission on Eventbrite, you’ll be the first to hear about opportunities to support this 140-year-old institution for good.

Why: This Christian rescue mission and men’s shelter does more than just feed and house homeless New Yorkers: It also offers summer camp opportunities for local youths, medical and dental exams for uninsured people, and recovery programs for those in need. They are an organization on the front lines of food insecurity and homelessness in our city, and attending one of their events is an easy way to do good in your own neighborhood.

For helping people by helping pets: PAWS NY

Look out for: Evening events where you’ll learn how to help disabled and senior pet owners take the best care of their fluffy loved ones. Follow PAWS NY on Eventbrite for all the details.

Why: If you love volunteering at animal shelters and want to make an even bigger impact, you’ll love working with PAWS NY. Train to be a PAWS NY volunteer and they’ll send you on housecalls around the city, where you’ll walk, feed, clean up after, and generally give love to pets whose owners might not have the ability to fully care for them. You’ll make life brighter for the pets and the people who care for them.

For meeting people while doing good: One Brick NYC

Look out for: Relatively small volunteer projects that have a lasting effect, and also give you the opportunity to meet fellow New Yorkers hoping to improve their city. Follow One Brick NYC on Eventbrite to track their ever-evolving volunteer event selection.

Why: There’s no need to sift through dozens of NYC nonprofits trying to find the best one. Instead, follow One Brick and take your pick of the issues that matter most to you — from reducing food waste at local restaurants to crafting with kids at the public library. One Brick also hosts volunteer mixers, making this one of the most social-focused volunteer organizations in the city, and possibly the best way to meet people who share your values.

For helping kids transform their neighborhoods: Concrete Safaris

Look out for: Clean-up and volunteer days at one of their Manhattan-based children’s gardens. Follow Concrete Safaris on Eventbrite to track this cool organization’s upcoming volunteer events.

Why: Concrete Safaris started when East Harlem kids spoke up about wanting to make their neighborhood cleaner, greener, and safer. Today, the organization (along with the kids they work with) manages a handful of gardens around the city where kids can learn to plant fruits and vegetables, ride bikes, design carnival games for festivals, and invest in their communities at a young age. Volunteering at their park clean-up days is a way to directly impact the future of our beautiful city.

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Quinne Myers is a writer, illustrator, apparel designer, and lingerie industry pundit living in Brooklyn. Loves sweaty concert dancing, eating dessert, feeling feelings, and petting every dog.

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