Good Vibes Only: 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Self-Empowerment

Good Vibes Only: 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Self-Empowerment
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There’s no denying that we live in trying times that can weigh heavily on our hearts and minds. Fortunately, there are plenty of people out there who believe in the power of positive thinking to help inspire others to be their best selves, even when the world at large feels like a scary place.

Follow these 10 Instagram accounts to give yourself the daily dose of motivation and happiness you need to be your best self.

For thought-provoking quotes: @elephantjournal

With inspiring mindfulness as its core mission, Elephant Journal curates perfect quotes daily to inspire you to take a pause, breathe, and look inward.


For home inspiration: @apartmenttherapy

With a mission of “helping everyone to live happy, healthy lives at home,” this account will inspire anyone with their ideas on how to make the most of space and fill it with meaning. After all, our homes are a reflection of who we are.


For loving yourself more: @recipesforselflove

If you need constant reminders of why you’re awesome and all the reasons you should believe in yourself, this account is here for you. And because these posts are also works of art, you can get your favorites as prints from the Recipes For Self-Love Etsy shop.


For faith in the world: @charitywater

The non-profit organization behind this account is happy to remind you that humanity is doing the best it can and that, like you, all beings just want to be happy.


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Step up to the challenge.

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For the aspiring entrepreneur: @incmagazine

Whether you’re already a bo$$ and making sh*t happen or are grinding your way up the ranks, Inc. is filled with useful posts to help you crush whatever field you’re in.


For eating healthier: @thedelicious

This account will remind you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can be damn pretty too. Perfectly arranged fruits and veggies provide the perfect motivation for making us think twice about what we put into our mouths.


For a daily dose of happy: @happsters

Happsters founder Kelli Pease, who is all about promoting happiness, gives people what they need to smile: inspiring quotes and puppies. Who could argue with either of those things?


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Photo by @renan_ozturk “Killing another thing is not easy. It obviously wants to keep living… But that is the nature of what I do” – Man Bahadur Pun, Nepali hunter. I’ve never been a hunter myself, but recently made a short film about a Himalayan Blue Sheep hunt in one of the most remote mountain ranges in Nepal. We often talk about how the outdoors may seem different for people in ‘red states’ vs ‘blue states’ — REI vs Cabellas. I learned that this divide isn’t necessary. We are all passionate about the same places, and there is room for introspection in all of our outdoor pursuits. Pictured here Man carries the sheep back to camp, taken by special permit, to be quickly devoured in a way that didn’t even waste an eyeball. Through this process I learned a great deal about respect for animals and gained a closer bond and understanding of another micro-culture within Nepal that I never new existed. Our lives exist at the cost of other species even if we don’t hunt or eat meat. We participate in an industrial culture that effects nature in every way. We hope this conversation can bring everyone to more fully acknowledge the real cost of our survival and our recreation. Do we acknowledge that fully? Do we actively or passively participate? Being on this hunt brought those questions up for me and I’m a better person for it. With @nomadic49ak , @bennyob301, @jetbutterflies @camp4collective @ansonfogel @pat.patrol @lazerlegs @irish_goodbye #hunting #nepaliloveyou #bluesheep See @renan_ozturk bio to find the film…

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For appreciating the world at large: @natgeo

Each of us is just one tiny speck in the universe, and National Geographic is here to remind us of this humbling fact. Through photos of people, animals, and places, this account will make you want to see more of the world and live your best life at the same time.


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For practicing presence: @yogainspiration

You don’t have to be a yogi to benefit from following this account. These posts are aimed at helping followers to find their inner Zen and are universal to humans everywhere.


For advice you didn’t know you needed: @mindsetofgreatness

A daily dose of wisdom never hurt anybody. This account has a funny way of speaking to your soul at the most perfect times, with useful tips you didn’t even know you were looking for.