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Best Night Ever: Where to Eat and Drink When You See a Show at Elsewhere

By / November 30, 2018

Elsewhere, a warehouse-turned-venue in Bushwick, offers a ridiculous number of music and cultural events practically every day of the week. Opened in 2017 by PopGun Presents, the owners of now-shuttered Glasslands, it’s one of the only independently owned and operated venues in New York City. Its 24,000 square feet are divided into various performance and bar spaces, proof of the ingenuity that our city’s music scene is known for.

There’s The Hall, the large main performance space; Zone One, a smaller area for intimate concerts with up-and-coming artists; The Loft, a coffee shop and bar where DJs spin parties and creatives install art; the Skybridge Project Space, a “floating” area showcasing visual and installation art that rotates seasonally; and The Rooftop, an open-air space with a view of Manhattan that offers all the best parts of an NYC summer in one: free local parties, frozen drinks at happy hours, film nights, food pop-ups, and more.

Best of all, Elsewhere is in a lively area of Bushwick, where great restaurants and bars sit on nearly every corner. So whether you’re checking out your favorite touring band in The Hall or dancing the afternoon away on Elsewhere’s roof, you’ll find a sweet space to satisfy any mood you’re in. Here are our top picks for where to eat and drink before and after your show.

restaurants near Elsewhere

Pre-show eats

Bunker Vietnamese
Walking time: 2 minutes

With its colorful decor and expanded menu, the new-and-improved location of Ridgewood’s homestyle Vietnamese fave is a casual space serving seriously delicious food. Go for your favorite banh mi or pho in both traditional and vegan varieties, or try something a little more unique, like caramelized wild shrimp served with pork belly, basil, and caramel sauce.

Sea Wolf
Walking time: 5 minutes

This surf-and-turf-inspired spot is 50 percent upstate woodsy vibes and 50 percent retro beach vibes, giving it a chic yet laid-back energy that matches its menu perfectly. Their signature lobster corn dog tastes as fantastic as it looks, and their Sea Wolf burger is served with half of a grilled lobster. Get there between 4pm and 7pm for $1 oysters, wings, and buffalo cauliflower, plus $6 painkillers.

Bunna Cafe
Walking time: 9 minutes

If you visit this plant-based Ethiopian restaurant with a friend or date, you have to get the “feast for 2.” All nine of their authentic vegan Ethiopian dishes arrive at your table with spongy injera for $34 — that’s a huge meal for under $20 a person. Enjoy it alongside a Shai Correnti, a house drink made of tea, bourbon, lime juice, and turbinado syrup, served either hot or iced. They’re cash only, so hit up an ATM before you go.

Sushi & Noodles
Walking time: 11 minutes

This teeny-tiny, wallet-friendly Japanese restaurant makes you feel at home as soon as you sit down. It’s not Blue Ribbon Sushi or anything, but the prices are great, the food is consistently good, and the people are warm and welcoming. If you order an assortment of rolls, they’ll come out on a boat as if you’re somewhere way fancier. What else could you ask for in a neighborhood sushi place? Allow yourself plenty of time before your show to account for the relaxed service and you’ll have a lovely, satisfying dinner.


Pre-show drinks

Walking time: 4 minutes

With one Michelin star, this pasta-first restaurant has some of the best handmade noodles around. It’s also an equally enchanting semi-high-end spot to grab a drink, if you can snag a seat at the bar before your show. Pick a bottle from their worldwide wine list, featuring extensive pét-nats and sparkling wines, or try a house cocktail like the Plum Rush, with bourbon, plum jam, honey, and lemon.

Walking time: 4 minutes

A chill neighborhood cocktail bar, Idlewild definitely fits the bill for a relaxed pre-event drink. Try a Bar Snack Sour made of Jameson Caskmates, lemon, egg white, and pecan syrup, or a Lolita made of applejack, orange liqueur, sour cherry, and lemon. Happy hour gets you $5 well drinks and $15 carafes of draft wines, and it lasts all day long on Mondays if you happen to see a show at the beginning of the week.

The Cobra Club
Walking time: 5 minutes

A coffee house that turns into a dive bar at night, The Cobra Club offers events of their own, like trivia nights, stand-up shows, karaoke, and punk shows in their back room. Get a beer and shot special for $6, or spring for a simple cocktail like the Return of the Fly, made with prosecco, cointreau, and elderflower liqueur.

Kings County Brewers Collective
Walking time: 7 minutes

The taproom of this award-winning, newly minted Brooklyn beer collective is perfect for die-hard craft beer fans, offering unique brews like a fruity sour and an unfiltered rice lager, plus collaborations with local music venues like Saint Vitus and Elsewhere themselves. Sit down with a pint and a board game for a relaxed evening before the concert.


Post-show eats

The Rookery
Walking time: 4 minutes

Serving their British- and West Indian- inspired pub food until 3am, this big gastropub might be the best place to sit down and stave off your hangover after the show. After all, a full English breakfast and fried Oreos at 2am is, perhaps, the best drunk food of all. Enjoy the outdoor beer garden when the weather is good, or the high ceilings and tiled floors of their inside dining area all year long.

Los Hermanos
Walking time: 6 minutes

Picture it: You stumble tipsily out of the best concert ever, walk a few blocks down the street with a grumbling stomach, and come across a fresh tortilla factory serving homemade tacos right from the source. You write down your order (preferably some pork or chorizo tacos) on an index card, pull a few dollars out of your pocket, and enjoy some of the best cheap late-night eats around.

Strange Flavor Burger Shack
Walking time: 7 minutes

Inside the vaguely ’70s-themed bar, The Johnson’s, sits a tiny burger place offering a variety of saucy, spicy, craveable late-night options. Think a fried chicken sandwich with ranch, spicy bang bang chicken, long bean tempura smothered in mayo, and In-n-Out Burger-style onion-topped fries. Plus, every item can be made vegetarian for an extra dollar.

Walking time: 11 minutes

If you want a sit-down dinner after the show, the vintage-y, candle-lit French bistro Mominette is a good bet. This is the place to go full-on romantic Parisian: Get an order of escargot, beef tartare, and mussels in a buttery white wine sauce, then try the duck confit and house gnocchi served with sage brown butter sauce. Bon appétit.

restaurants near Elsewhere

Post-show drinks

Jupiter Disco
Walking time: 3 minutes

This semi-sci-fi-inspired spot is a lot more down-to-earth than you’d expect for a space-themed bar. The colorful lighting lends just enough whimsy to a dark space, making it feel cool, not kitschy. The cocktails are the stars (like the Chain Reaction, made with pineapple-rosemary rum, Campari, lemon, and falernum), but they also have an assortment of local and local-ish beers on draft and in cans.

The Keep
Walking time: 5 minutes

If you’ve ever wanted to drink in an antique shop, The Keep is the place for you. Eclectic antique pieces all over the walls (and ceiling, and floor), and comfortable seating create a cozy mood. But unlike other romantic locales, the drinks are surprisingly cheap, so you don’t have to nurse one all night long. They don’t take credit cards, so bring cash.

Starr Bar
Walking time: 8 minutes

With a drink called TDKF (which stands for This Drink Kills Fascists), it’s no surprise that this nightlife venue is hyper social justice-minded, hosting political discussions, fundraisers, art shows, parties, and more, all in the name of the progressive movement. Ten percent of bar profits go to support their sister project Mayday Space, which aims to amplify movement-building programming in NYC. (By the way, the TDKF is made of jalapeño-infused tequila, hibiscus syrup, and fresh lime, and it’s as lovely as it is spicy.)

The Three Diamond Door
Walking time: 11 minutes

There are no gimmicks here: It’s a packed dive bar with cozy booths, prosecco, tons of beers on tap, and decent prices. Check out the backyard in the summer, and get down on the dance floor all night long. The Three Diamond Door is the sort of bar you could bring any type of person to and they’d probably find something to love.

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Quinne Myers is a writer, illustrator, apparel designer, and lingerie industry pundit living in Brooklyn. Loves sweaty concert dancing, eating dessert, feeling feelings, and petting every dog.

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