13 Shots of NYC’s Coolest Street Art Right Now

13 Shots of NYC’s Coolest Street Art Right Now

As the greatest city in the world, it's no surprise that NYC features some of the best street art around. We talked with some of the artists themselves along with fans and photographers who captured some epic shots of the coolest pieces on display at this very moment.


Artist: WRDSMTH, Street Artist

Where the piece is located: Wooster & Grand in SOHO

About the piece: The piece is an homage to Sinatra and his indelible words about New York City. I played upon that and placed my own spin on the thought/phrase—one that I know resonates with countless residents of Manhattan.”





Photographer: Dave Linkowski, Photographer

Artist: ROA

Where the piece is located: 108th & Lexington in East Harlem

About the photo: So the mural is by a very talented artist known as ROA. I’ve been a fan of his cute & detailed animal murals for some time now, they always look amazing!”

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Photographer: Justin Perkins, I.T.

Artist: DFACE, @dface_official 

Where the piece is located: Corner of Willoughby & Wycoff in Bushwick

About the photo: “At first the massive scale of the mural and placement is the center of attention when approaching the corner, spanning a large wall. Then we have how significant the caption is “TILL DEATH DO US PART”, with age being symbolized as bones showing. When you go into a relationship/marriage, this is the goal. A life long commitment with that person. So whether it’s marriage or a life partner, it truly can be Death Do Us Part.”

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Temper Tot #hulkboy #ronenglish #graffiti #streetartnyc

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Photographer: Isabel, CAD Designer

Artist: Ron English, @ronenglishart 

Where the piece is located: Mulberry Street in Little Italy

About the photo: “I was walking through SOHO and baby Hulk came to me and said, “Hey! Take my photo!” and I couldn’t refuse those muscles.”

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Photographer: Philip Leung, Production Manager at Penguin Random House

Artist: Logan Hicks, @loganhicksny 

Where the piece is located: On the corner of Houston & Bowery

About the photo: What I love about Logan Hicks’ mural at the Houston/Bowery Wall is the sheer enormous size of it. It’s an amazing and overwhelming feeling walking up to the mural.”

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It's Friday I'm in love. ❤️

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Photographer: Leah Rosenbaum, Freelance Creator & Connector

Artist: Hektad, @hektad._official 

Where the piece is located: First Street Garden on the Lower East Side

About the photo: “I love hearts and often photograph ‘random hearts’ as I call them. My mom does it too and we often text each other our favorites. Hektad has done a lot of work around NYC, particularly the LES. I truly believe that goodness and love are all around us, it’s simply a matter of looking for them and changing our perspective. Hektad’s work is a concrete manifestation of that belief and I’d like to think his pieces inspire those who see them to be a little more compassionate and loving each day.”

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Photographer: Tim Jentsch, International Flight Attendant for Virgin Atlantic Airways

Artist: Buff Monster, @buffmonster 

Where the piece is located: Coney Island Art Walls

About the photo: This piece stood out because of its hidden meaning. It’s inspired by old paintings of Hercules at the crossroads. In this case, it’s obviously altered to fit the Coney Island Art Walls theme. Hercules in the middle facing two choices, the dark mountains on the right or the sweet life on the left. Which path would you take?”

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Photographer: Will Evans, IT Security Analyst

Artist: Phetus, @phetus88  and Lola, @lolatheillustrator

Where the piece is located: Outside of Dromedary Bar in Bushwick (266 Irving Avenue)

About the photo: The colors are so beautiful and the monsters are entertaining to look at. I just thought it was a unique piece of street art.”

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Artist: David Hollier, Artist/Adjunct Professor (Parsons, The New School for Design)

Where the piece is located: Johnson Ave in Bushwick

About the piece: The Cookie Monster piece is from my ‘Imago Verbosa’ collection; meaning the image has been created out of words. The text is from Steppenwolf’s song ‘Monster-Suicide-America,’ first released in 1969 as a Vietnam War protest song. However, the lyrics still seem poignant today: ‘America! Where are you now? Don’t you care about your sons and daughters? Don’t you know we need you now. We can’t fight alone against the monster.'”

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Photographer: Ben, Jewelry Productions/Designer & sometimes Photographer

Artist: Andreas Welin, @welinoo 

Where the piece is located: 327 Stagg St in Bushwick

About the photo:Welin is a very young artist who I believe is in his early 20s.  He has a great deal of talent and is a highly sought after muralist. He paints amazing animals, portraits, and cartoon characters. I find most of his work captivating and especially realistic. I don’t know who the subject is in this piece other than someone named Katie, who must have some importance to him as this piece is a tribute piece. This particular mural did not garner as much fanfare or attention as his bigger and more high-profile works, but still I enjoyed discovering this little gem on some obscure street in Brooklyn.”

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Photographer: Marcia Golibart, Chief get Shit Done Officer at Raise The Bar 

Artist: DE LA VEGA, @delavegaprophet 

Where the piece is located: Amsterdam on the UWS

About the photo: I loved this piece because it’s like an ad for being present and being grateful.”

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Photographer: Luca Storani, Bartender

Artist: Naoufal Alaoui, also known as “Rocko” and Scott “Zimer” Zimmerman

Where the piece is located: Corner of Bedford Avenue & Quincy Street in Bed-Stuy

About the photo: “The whole building is a graffiti for Biggie, around 38-feet tall…it’s huge and very well done! I’m a hip hop fan and I really like Notorious BIG…was on my bucket list to see this masterpiece!”

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Photographer: Deepa Rao-Sisario, Educational Technologist    

Artist: FUNQEST, @funqest 

Where the piece is located: 117th between 3rd Avenue and Lexington in East Harlem

About the photo: “I love the colors and the tribal mask look. It brightens my day when I see it because it feels like this character is sneakily watching all passersby.”

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