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5 to Follow: To Learn Better in NYC

By / December 3, 2018

In a place like New York City, it’s all too easy to fall into our daily routines and become too comfortable with our same old hobbies. But for those seeking ways to branch out from the norm and do more on their own or learn a new skill, there’s a world of classes out there inspiring New Yorkers to be their best version of themselves.

Challenge yourself by following these five Eventbrite organizers that offer DIY classes across a range of topics.

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diy classes

For learning Spanish: CentroNYC

Look out for: Varying levels of Spanish language classes that range from the complete beginner to those who are ready to write and speak about complicated issues. Follow CentroNYC on Eventbrite to enhance your español skill set.

Why: Over a three-month semester, students can learn a new language in a friendly community environment that promotes cross-cultural understanding and support. A major plus to learning Spanish through CentroNYC is that the staff is fully made up of volunteer teachers, which makes the classes very affordable compared to other language classes in the city.

diy classes

For budgeting and saving money: Excelsior Financial Center

Look out for: Workshops that teach New Yorkers how to get a better handle on their money, with topics like increasing cash flow, managing debt, building wealth, and planning for retirement. To feel more empowered about your financial well-being, follow Excelsior Financial Center on Eventbrite to catch some classes.

Why: If you have a hard time saving money (like us) or have no idea how to invest the money you do manage to save (also like us), this class will help you find the answers to all your fiscal questions. They also have financial advisers, who will help you to gauge your financial wellness and figure out the steps you need to take to get better at managing your money. Finally, you can afford that vacation (or house, or car, or pair of Yeezys).

diy classes

For sewing basics: Mood U School

Look out for: Beginner sewing classes, “sewcial” nights, and more workshops for how to unleash your inner seamstress. Follow Mood U School on Eventbrite to start learning how to fix all those pesky holes in your clothes.

Why: It might seem like a popular skill of years past, but knowing how to mend your own rips and tears will save you money and a trip to the tailor. There’s a certain level of satisfaction that comes from knowing you fixed something with your own two hands, and Mood U School’s classes will teach you how to sew like a boss. Say goodbye to all those pesky holes in your jeans.

diy classes

For communication skills: Be Social Change

Look out for: Workshops on leadership, networking, public speaking, and storytelling. If you’re looking for ways to improve yourself when it comes to making an impact through your career and lifestyle, follow Be Social Change on Eventbrite.

Why: Some people naturally embody all the qualities it takes to be a leader, but for most of us, it’s all about learning and acquiring skills that help us step into a leadership role. Classes like the ones offered through Be Social Change give people the skills, connections, and resources to work on the characteristics they feel they are lacking, with an ultimate goal to inspire greatness.

diy classes

For channeling your inner artisan: Staten Island MakerSpace

Look out for: Classes for all levels of makers, builders, tinkerers, hardware developers, hobbyists, artists, entrepreneurs, and more. If you’re interested in woodworking, welding, 3D printing, screen printing, or some other craft that involves hands-on practice, follow Staten Island MakerSpace on Eventbrite to take advantage of their broad range of classes.

Why: This nonprofit community workspace offers makers a space to not only get creative, but also meet like-minded people who share their same interests. With a goal of fostering an environment of entrepreneurial spirit and invention, Staten Island MakerSpace welcomes people to gather and create things together in a warm and welcoming place. The robust list of class offerings here will spark an interest for anyone with even the slightest desire to start a DIY project.

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Melanie is a Jersey girl who now calls Brooklyn home. She’s written for Fuse TV, MTV News, Interview Magazine and more, and enjoys creating content that informs, inspires and entertains people. She’s passionate about music, running, cheese and dachshunds, and her husband fully accepts her love affair with NYC.

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