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getting cultured in nyc

5 to Follow: For Getting Cultured in NYC

By / October 4, 2018

Does New York City have the most culture per square foot of any city in America?

Well, since it’s the home of nearly 100 museums across the five boroughs, majestic old libraries, tons of world-class music venues, the most coveted theater tickets in the world, and hundreds of pieces of fine art represented in textbooks around the globe, it’s not a bad thing to bet on.

Instead of overwhelming yourself with the massive lists of museum events, gallery openings, and bands touring every week in the city, hit “follow” on these five Eventbrite organizers. Their events are guaranteed to be awesome bites of knowledge and art in the incredible buffet of culture that is New York City.

You follow your favorite artists, venues, and restaurants on Instagram. Now, you can follow your favorite event creators on Eventbrite. Hit the “follow” button on these pages to make sure you never miss tickets to your top events. You’ll get an email from Eventbrite whenever a new event goes on sale so you’ll never have to experience FOMO again.

getting cultured in nyc

For the Broadway junkie: Show-Score

Look out for: Behind-the-scenes tours, parties with fellow theater lovers, and Broadway-inspired classes (think swordplay, but also mixology). Follow Show-Score on Eventbrite for events that are more accessible than a Hamilton ticket, but maybe just as fabulous.

Why: Show-Score is sort of like a combination of Rotten Tomatoes and TripAdvisor, but for NYC theater. They’ll help you score free tickets, compare prices, and narrow down which show to catch this weekend. But their pre- and post-show experiences are the ones to beat. You can meet fellow theater geeks, sing along to your fave musicals, see what’s happening backstage, and learn from industry experts about what it takes to make it in the NYC theater world. Or you can just take a paint-and-sip class bolstered by a show-tunes soundtrack. Show-Score truly has an experience for every theater lover.

For the NYC nerd: Brooklyn Historical Society

Look out for: Lectures by architecture historians, book talks on everything from local booze to workplace diversity, and explorations on what the future holds for New York City. When you follow Brooklyn Historical Society on Eventbrite, you’ll get easy access to some of the most informative local discussions happening today.

Why: This museum-slash-library is dedicated to preserving Brooklyn’s history, but its classes, lectures, workshops, and talks cover topics from all five boroughs and beyond. Authors and historians are joined by local journalists and filmmakers for evenings revolving around some of the most riveting, unexpected topics. Where else can you learn about the Gowanus Canal, Haitian history, toxic masculinity, and the history of coffee in NYC, all in one place?

getting cultured in nyc

For the style-obsessed: The RealReal

Look out for: Free hands-on fashion experiences, like lectures on investing in vintage Chanel, displays of and talks on historical fashion styles, or classes on how to spot an authentic Birkin bag by, yes, examining the real five-digit-priced thing up close. Follow The RealReal on Eventbrite to learn more about this fast-paced industry without applying to FIT.

Why: As a luxury consignment shop, the RealReal has access to some of the rarest, most storied pieces of fashion history, and their events offer you the chance to get up close and personal with them — even if you’d never be able to afford them. But their classes aren’t just for ogling vintage Prada: On any given evening, you could learn about Mid-Century design, sustainability in the jewelry industry, or even ground-breaking florists from European history. If you’re into all things beautiful, The RealReal’s events are unmissable.

getting cultured in nyc

For literature lovers: Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

Look out for: Classic bookstore events with big twists like readings (by authors you’ve definitely heard of before), poetry anthology launch parties (that will move you to both laughter and tears), and fundraiser nights (with open bars and karaoke). Follow Housing Works Bookstore Cafe for the best literary events happening in NYC.

Why: Operated by the beloved nonprofit dedicated to fighting both AIDS and the homeless epidemic, Housing Works’ bookstore on Crosby Street is stocked with entirely donated media and sold by volunteer retail staff, with 100 percent of their profits going toward the organization’s services. Grab a latte at the cafe and settle in for comedy shows and improv poetry competitions, or even just the chance to hear about the human experience through someone else’s eyes, often for free.

For the artisanal addict: Brooklyn Navy Yard

Look out for: Tours of hyper-local businesses, open studio visits, and panel discussions on changing industries. When you follow Brooklyn Navy Yard on Eventbrite, you’ll be the first to hear about exciting events popping up at this fast-changing industrial space.

Why: The Navy Yard has quickly transformed into a hotspot for cool startups, indie creatives, and local artisans, and we’re totally here for it. You might not have the chance to explore this industrial park on a typical day, so come by for their tours and public seminars to check it out. They also host fashion shows by local designers, trivia nights, local liquor tastings, and so many other events that will make you feel right at home with all the makers and innovators that call the Brooklyn Navy Yard their workplace.

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Quinne Myers is a writer, illustrator, apparel designer, and lingerie industry pundit living in Brooklyn. Loves sweaty concert dancing, eating dessert, feeling feelings, and petting every dog.

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