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Three First Date Ideas For Every Borough

By / March 14, 2016


Tom Philip is a Scottish writer based in Brooklyn, New York. He’s lived all over the city, and secretly hopes to one day live in one of those giant fancy condos he rails against every time he sees one. Tom’s written for publications like GQ, The New Yorker, and contributes frequently to ClickHole. He’s also written a couple of funny texts already today.

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  1. That’s all you could come up with for Staten Island!! :-(. Maybe add Snug Harbor cultural center. Historic Richmond-town. Beso Restaurant. SI Yankees ballpark a picnic on one of our 170 parks ….#theforgottenboro

  2. That is not what the Gutter looks like. That bowling alley is way nicer. The Gutter is a dive (plus someone infected it with ebola last summer). Regardless the Gutter is awesome.

  3. Agree with Yvie B.! Planning the first three dates on Staten Island should assume you are ON Staten Island, hence no need for the Ferry. (Not that it isn’t a fun ride at some hours, but it is also cliche.)

    Snug Harbor is terrific. Great for strolling the grounds, and you can find out what your new sweetie likes by where he or she chooses to stop. There’s even a cafe if you want to grab a bite to eat. (I’ve been kissed under the arbor and it was very romantic.)

    Another good choice, if you’re looking to impress your date with your extensive and eclectic knowledge of SI, is the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art.

  4. Tom,
    You kind of missed the boat with Staten Island, because you did like many: you took the boat, walked around minimally, ate something, and ran back onto the boat way too fast.
    The Full disclosure should have been that you did not spend enough time on Staten Island and learn more about it. Staten Island has So Much to offer that it should have been very difficult to limit the choices to 3. All the other comments are so very correct.

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