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Want to Eat Better This Year? Here are 5 Organizers to Follow on Eventbrite

By / December 13, 2018

There are endless reasons New York City is the best place in the world to live, but we can all agree that one of them is its vibrant and eclectic food scene. With a variety of restaurants just steps from everyone’s front door, we’re fortunate to live in a place where any cuisine is available at every hour of the day or night.

The thing is, so many of us get caught up with going to the same spots or ordering takeout from old favorites instead of trying more of what’s out there. In the spirit of tasting more of what NYC has to offer, we want you to join us in eating better — by checking out more food and drink festivals, attending a cooking or baking class, or even discovering unique culinary events like meeting a renowned chef. To start living your best foodie life, follow these Eventbrite organizers to experience more of the flavors that make NYC so special.

You follow your favorite artists, venues, and meme accounts on Instagram. Now, you can keep up with your favorite event creators on Eventbrite. Simply tap the “follow” button to make sure you never miss tickets from your favorite creators. You’ll get an email from Eventbrite whenever a new event goes on sale, so you’ll never have to experience FOMO again.

eventbrite organizersFestival Media Group

For large-scale foodie events: Festival Media Group

Look out for: Food and drink festivals like the Beer and Taco Get Down; LIC Flea & Food; Spiked Mug Fest; Queens BBQ Smokedown & Beer Fest; and Wine & Sweets Fest. To stay up to date on the latest tasty festival coming to NYC, follow Festival Media Group on Eventbrite.

Why: The best way to try different foods is when you can access a variety of flavors under one roof, and Festival Media Group knows it. That’s why the folks behind the company continually come up with seasonal festivals for the New Yorkers who love to eat and drink for hours on end. Whether it’s tasting the best local restaurants and craft beers out of Brooklyn or sampling a showcase of the best barbecued finds in the five boroughs, tickets to these festivals always hook you up with unlimited samples — and we’re not complaining.

eventbrite organizersMagnolia Bakery

For those with a sweet tooth: Magnolia Bakery

Look out for: Classes on how to ice cupcakes and decorate cakes like a professional. If you’re looking to create your own Magnolia masterpieces, follow Magnolia Bakery on Eventbrite for all the tips (and yummy samples) you could ever want.

Why: A Sex and the City scene featuring Carrie and Miranda eating Magnolia cupcakes may have jump-started everyone’s obsession with the bakery almost 20 years ago, but it’s absolutely here to stay. Despite six locations in NYC, there are always lines of people excited to get their hands (and mouths) on the iconic pastel-colored cupcakes. But for the Magnolia fan who wants a more exclusive experience, these classes allow sugar fanatics to get up close and personal with the bakery’s confections, teaching people how to make their signature frosted look. Most classes even send students home with ingredients and recipes for recreating the Magnolia magic at home.

eventbrite organizersYondu Culinary Studio

For plant-based workshops: Yondu Culinary Studio

Look out for: Vegetarian and vegan cooking classes; workshops; seminars; pop-ups; and special events. Learn recipes and hacks to channel your inner chef at home by following Yondu Culinary Studio on Eventbrite.

Why: Classes and workshops at Yondu aren’t just about teaching New Yorkers how to make meatless meals. They also aim to build community through good food. That said, people who sign up for an event through Yondu can feel totally comfortable going solo because they will connect with like-minded people at the class or workshop and make friends! Each session starts with a chef giving a demonstration and continues with students creating hands-on meals to enjoy family-style at the end of the class. Be prepared to go home with a belly full of healthy food!

eventbrite organizersFood52

For pop-up culinary happenings: Food52

Look out for: Cooking demonstrations; cookbook launch parties; meet-and-greets with chefs; and workshops on how to host dinner parties. Follow Food52 on Eventbrite for exclusive events that will make you both a more educated foodie and an expert entertainer.

Why: The food website that inspires people to eat thoughtfully and live joyfully hosts a handful of special events throughout the year to bring foodies together in real life. From workshops on teaching food styling and creating centerpieces to book launch parties for works like Erin McDowell’s The Fearless Baker, Food52 enhances our relationships with food by offering specially curated, can’t-miss events.

eventbrite organizersThe Meat Hook

For extreme carnivores: The Meat Hook

Look out for: Classes like sausage-making and pig butchery along with pop-up dinner collaborations. If you’re a meat lover who wants more hands-on experiences, follow The Meat Hook on Eventbrite.

Why: These classes give people a unique experience, with a chance to see the process of how meat is chopped down and prepared. Students will have the chance to eat samples throughout class along with enjoying beer selections galore. After all, these classes take place at local Brooklyn favorite Threes Brewing, so a couple of pints are included with each event ticket. Cheers!

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Melanie is a Jersey girl who now calls Brooklyn home. She’s written for Fuse TV, MTV News, Interview Magazine and more, and enjoys creating content that informs, inspires and entertains people. She’s passionate about music, running, cheese and dachshunds, and her husband fully accepts her love affair with NYC.

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