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5 to Follow: Classes to Up Your Cooking Game in NYC

By / September 6, 2018

We may live in a city filled with endless dining options, but let’s be honest — the average New Yorker can’t exactly afford to eat out every night of the week. Cooking is an essential skill to have when it comes to living in New York City, and lucky for us, there are lots of places to either learn the basics to cook healthier dinners for yourself or to fine-tune your chops to throw impressive dinner parties for your friends.

Whatever your goal, we picked five of our favorite event organizers that offer hands-on classes to help up your game in the kitchen.

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For the well-rounded chef: Cocusocial

Look out for: Classes on how to make Spanish paella, Japanese ramen, French macarons, and a diverse selection of other cooking classes for less than $50 a person. Follow Cocusocial to learn how to make just about anything.

Why: If there’s anything you’re interested in learning how to make, there’s a good chance you’ll find a class for it through Cocusocial. With large-scale events at restaurants and hotels big enough for you and your whole group of friends, you can learn how to make cuisine from all over the world. Whether you’re passionate about cooking or just want a fun night out with your crew, Cocusocial will hook you up with a memorable and delicious experience.

For an intimate lesson: Camaje

Look out for: Knife skills, sushi basics, surf and turf, and other classes that range anywhere from $100 to $150 per lesson. Follow Camaje on Eventbrite to discover new ways to take your cooking skills to another level.

Why: The West Village restaurant hosts several cooking classes each week that range from learning basic skills to how to curate an entire Middle Eastern-themed menu. With most classes accommodating just six to eight students, you’re in for an intimate experience that caters to beginners and seasoned cooks alike.


For the health-conscious: Greekalicious

Look out for: Greek cooking classes that take students on a culinary adventure for around $120 a pop. Follow Greekalicious on Eventbrite to explore Mediterranean recipes.

Why: If you’re looking for ways to live longer than the average person, these Mediterranean diet recipes can help tack on some years. Founded by author and health and wellness coach Maria Benardis, Greekalicious teaches students how to make dishes like baked lemon chicken with potatoes, baklava with honeyed Greek yogurt and tzatziki sauce. Anyone interested in making body-friendly food will love learning about ancient Greek recipes that promote health, energy, and longevity.

Chef Hong ThaimeeChef Hong Thaimee

For an alternative to Thai takeout: Chef Hong Thaimee

Look out for: Classes with seasonal twists that each feature lessons on how to make khao soi (classic Chiang Mai curry with noodles), laab (a meat dish), and papaya salad. Classes each run around $95. Follow Chef Hong Thaimee on Eventbrite to try your hand at Thai dishes.

Why: You can immerse yourself in the flavors of Chiang Mai without leaving Manhattan, thanks to Hong Thaimee, the owner and chef of Thaimee Table in the East Village. She hosts a handful of cooking classes each month that aim to teach students how to make signature Thai dishes while also serving complimentary beer and wine.

Urbani TrufflesUrbani Truffles

For the trend-obsessed: Urbani Truffles

Look out for: Making truffle burgers, truffle pizza, and other cooking classes that range from $110 to $130 and put the popular fungus front and center. Follow Urbani Truffles on Eventbrite for fun new ways of incorporating the mushroom into meals.

Why: You’ve probably enjoyed your fair share of truffle fries at restaurants throughout the city, but Urbani’s Truffle Lab aims to deliver all sorts of unique experiences. For foodies and cooks who want to learn more about working with truffles, these classes offer a fun and niche encounter with the ultra-popular and tasty fungus.

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Melanie is a Jersey girl who now calls Brooklyn home. She’s written for Fuse TV, MTV News, Interview Magazine and more, and enjoys creating content that informs, inspires and entertains people. She’s passionate about music, running, cheese and dachshunds, and her husband fully accepts her love affair with NYC.

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