17 Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again in LA

17 Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again in LA

Sometimes the adult world comes crashing in on you, and you start to wish you could rewind and go back to that idyllic childhood world of long dreamy summers, ice cream cones, and discussing the meaning of life with your imaginary friend.

Well, you can’t. So deal with it.

If you need a little something to take the edge off, however, there are plenty of places in LA where you can get a temporary jolt of pure, childlike joy.

Here are 17 places that will make you feel like a kid again in LA.



Milkshakes at Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain

Fair Oaks Pharmacy has been operating for around a hundred years. I’m guessing that it’s been a little less than a century since you were a kid, but the old-fashioned milkshakes and root beer floats will still transport you back to a time when your life was a little less complicated.


S’mores at Au Fudge

Camping is a huge effort, especially if all you want to do is eat s’mores by the fire. Luckily, Au Fudge serves up a more convenient (and gourmet) version of this childhood favorite. Unfortunately, there’s no campfire, but there is a playroom to keep your actual kids occupied—and that might be the real treat.


The Arcade at Santa Monica Pier

Skeeball, foosball, Pinball—pretty much all the “balls” are here. Also, they have PAC-MAN.


Fish and Chips by the Beach

Fish and chips might be more of an English tradition, but there’s something romantic about sharing a big, salty spread by the beach that’s sure to take you back to childhood holidays.


Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater is an institution in LA. These old-school puppet shows haven’t changed much since the 60s, and are sure to remind you of your favorite school field trips. While the shows are intended for kids, there’s plenty going on to keep the adults entertained.



Visit a Candy Store

There’s nothing like the candy store to make you feel like a kid in a candy store. See’s Candy has been around for 90 years, and this location is right next to the factory—so they’re sure to stock your favorite childhood treat.


CVT Soft Serve Truck

While the soft serve truck was a key component of many childhoods, the sacred vans are unfortunately in decline in LA. But never fear, CVT is on a mission to bring soft serve back to the masses. Just one mouthful of chocolate or vanilla is sure to trigger a slow-motion, soft-focus, soft serve flashback.



You know it. You love it. Just do it.


Board Games

If you spent your childhood playing Dungeons and Dragons in your best friend’s basement, then Game Haus in Glendale might be all your child-self’s dreams come true. All the classics are here, as well as many strange and wonderful new games that will block out the real world and keep you busy for hours.



Okay, it’s 33 bucks but hey, how often do you get the chance to slide over the LA skyline?



Visit an Old School Record Store

Whether the first album you owned was South of Heaven or My World 2.0, browsing the racks at a bricks-and-mortar record store can rekindle that pre-teen sense of wonderment.


Visit the Skate Park

Skateboarding was most likely invented right here in LA, and if you grew up over the last 40-odd years, chances are you spent at least some time at the local skate ramp. Whether you’re a skating mom or dad who wants to dust off the board and relive your glory days or you’re happy watching from the sidelines, the skate park is sure to remind you of wilder times.


Take a Trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain

It’s around the same distance as Disneyland and there are more roller coasters. And this time, you’re definitely tall enough to ride.


Railroad Museum

Ride the miniature railway, watch the model trains or check out some real-life railway history.


Relive Your Hero Days at the Comic Book Store

If you lived for the trip to the comic book store on your way home from school, make a visit to Secret Headquarters in Silver Lake. If you’ve grown out of Spiderman, there are plenty more adult-oriented titles here that will get your blood flowing.



Feel Some Puppy Love: Rescue a Dog

The life you save may need a bone. Of course, if you’re unable to adopt a furry friend right now you can just drop in for a visit—just beware of love at first sight.


Infinity Mirror Room at the Broad

Remember that feeling of being a tiny speck in a huge and incomprehensible world? Well, you can find it again right here at the Broad.