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Eventbrite Wants to Send You to LA’s Best Events (and Pay You to Do It)

By / November 28, 2018

Everybody has that friend: The person who’s always doing something awesome, finding new experiences, and the first to get a ticket when a hot tour or festival is coming to town. Unless, of course, you are that friend. And if you are the one who’s constantly out discovering what Los Angeles has to offer, we want to pay you to do exactly that.

Yes, you read that right: We’ll pay you to have fun in Los Angeles.

What you’ll do

Check your IG 100 times a day? (Guilty as charged.) Is your social calendar always full? Well, we’ve got an opportunity to attend the most exciting events in LA, flex your social skills, and get paid while you’re at it. We’re looking for our first-ever Eventbrite Los Angeles Insider to attend the most compelling classes, music, art, culture, and food events across the five boroughs — then bring them to life for our Instagram audience. In this contract position with Eventbrite (via TargetCW), we’ll get you tickets to LA’s best events each week. Our Insider should be obsessed with finding and experiencing everything the city has to offer, from art openings and under-the-radar concerts to quirky classes — and, of course, Instagramming every step of the way.


Who we’re looking for

As Eventbrite’s Los Angeles City insider, you have a passion for events and experiences spanning music, art, food, classes, and city culture, and deeply in tune with what’s new and trending. You’re quick and adept with a smartphone camera and have a knack for writing quick, clever captions. You know when to use a sticker and when to use a GIF. Ideally, you’ll have a couple years of social media experience working for a brand.

How to apply

For consideration, send your resume (along with a link to your Instagram handle, a portfolio with work samples, and/or website) to with subject line Eventbrite LA Insider. We’ll give the finalists a special paid assignment to Instagram an event of their choosing. Then, if you’re chosen as our Insider, we’ll send you around the city to have a blast, take photos, and become our Instagram guru for three FOMO-inducing months. If this doesn’t sound like the dream job, we’re not sure what does.

See the official job description here



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