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crafting events in LA

5 to Follow: If You’re Crafty As Hell (Or Want To Be)

By / August 31, 2018

Think arts and crafts are just for kids? These five Los Angeles-based Eventbrite organizers will make you think again.

Thanks to the popularity of Etsy and Pinterest, crafting is cooler than ever — and now, it’s also becoming more accessible, with amateurs no longer simply left to scroll through their feeds with burning envy.

In fact, the experience of making something with your own two hands is within grasp, thanks to LA arts museums, community classes, and maker workshops. From knitting and sewing to macrame and beat mixing, these Eventbrite organizers are proving that arts and crafts can be more than friendship bracelets, lanyards, and tie-dye.

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For the hands-on artist: Craft & Folk Art Museum


Look out for: CraftNights and CraftLabs, where talented local artists share their discipline with the public. Follow the Craft & Folk Art Museum on Eventbrite for the full schedule of upcoming workshops.

Why: Though it sits alongside LACMA and the La Brea Tar Pits on Los Angeles’ Museum Row, the Craft & Folk Art Museum is a cultural institution like no other. Often abbreviated to CAFAM, this museum is the only one in LA exclusively dedicated to craft, folk art, and design, with an emphasis on showcasing emerging artists and diverse voices. To best experience the spirit of CAFAM for yourself, attend one of the museum’s CraftNight and CraftLab events, which feature everything from basket weaving to glass mosaic, fiber coiling, and ceramics.

crafting events in LA

For the DIY family: Glendale Library, Arts & Culture


Look out for: MakerSpace and SoundSpace workshops for adults, teens, and kids! Follow Glendale Library, Arts & Culture on Eventbrite to reserve a spot in these free community programs before they fill up.

Why: With workshops covering everything from sewing fundamentals and arm knitting to mobile music production and audio engineering, these community programs give new meaning to the term “free for all.” That’s right; all events are free for participants, with each held in unique dedicated spaces at Glendale’s Downtown Central Library. Whether you’re looking to create something on the screen or in your hands, this organizer has you — and, with teen and kids events, your entire family — covered.

For the serious student: Makers Mess

Silver Lake

Look out for: Every class under the sun — follow Makers Mess on Eventbrite to keep up with the packed calendar of rotating arts and crafts workshops!

Why: As far as crafting in LA is concerned, it doesn’t get more comprehensive than Makers Mess. This organizer has something for everyone in the Makers Workshop series, whether you’re trying to get down the basics or are just looking to take your skills to the next level. From watercolor and abstract painting to lighting design and jewelry making, the lineup of classes being offered is always changing (and growing!). Better yet, Makers Mess does more than just workshops — the Silver Lake studio also hosts pop-up events and programming for “mini makers,” including summer camps.

crafting events in SoCal

For the arts and crafts patron: SoCal Etsy Guild

Southern California

Look out for: Etsy markets, “make and take” workshops, and crafting parties held at locations across Southern California and LA. Follow SoCal Etsy Guild on Eventbrite for the latest local events from this e-commerce site.

Why: To put it simply, the crafting community wouldn’t be where it is today without Etsy, the online marketplace of handmade crafted goods that has helped bring arts and crafts into the 21st century. After all, Etsy knows that the next best thing to making something yourself is buying it from someone who made it themselves — and now, thanks to this group of local businesses, there are more opportunities to shop handmade goods than ever before. Want to learn to make the goods you see on Etsy for yourself? Attend one of the guild’s “make and take” workshops or crafting parties. Prefer to pay for an expert to make something for you? Check out the SoCal Etsy Guild’s markets, which give customers a rare opportunity to shop the region’s best online sellers in person.

crafting events in LA

For the crafty entrepreneur: The Unique Space

Downtown Los Angeles

Look out for: Workshops, rotating residencies, and markets around LA. Follow The Unique Space on Eventbrite for tickets to these one-of-a-kind crafting events.

Why: The Unique Space is the brick-and-mortar co-working space from Unique Markets, the organizer of the largest shopping event focused on independent designers and makers in the country. Appropriately, the Arts District building provides a home away from home for local business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent artists and taps into this talented community to lead public crafting workshops. In addition to workshops on brush lettering, macrame, calligraphy, and more, The Unique Space also hosts vendor-driven markets and events designed to empower female entrepreneurs.

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