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Bachelorette Party Ideas for Raging & Relaxing in LA

By / March 1, 2016

It’s not like after you say “I do,” you’ll be saying “I don’t” to all the things you used to love doing, like howling in the middle of the dance floor with your buds or taking 4 consecutive shots at the bar with your girl gang, so technically, you don’t even need to have a bachelorette party…BUT you are getting married. So, while you still might do those things, you’ll probably end up hitting the farmer’s market or staying in with your dearly beloved more often instead. That’s just the reality.

Make that last hurrah really count! Whether you’re ready to rage OR you’re set to de-stress after all the wedding planning mania, this list of bachelorette party ideas in LA are perfect for cutting loose or for max chillin’ before you get hitched.




Karaoke at Pharaoh’s

Your future spouse better dig your singing voice, because you’re gonna be doing a whole lot of car crescendos and shower serenades once you tie the knot. Think of this karaoke session with your bridal party as a little warm-up to ease the poor soul into your stunning vocal range after wedding day comes and goes. Feel free to bring bottles of booze and your “stage” presence to this little joint, because it’s that kind of Karaoke bar. Howling with your mates is the perfect way to signal the new moon of matrimony.



Drag Show or Sexy Man Dancers at Here Lounge

First thing you think of when you hear the word bachelorette party might be scantily clad muscle men groovin’ and grinding, am I right? Well, pair that with maybe a killer drag show and great DJs, and you’ve got Here Lounge. It’s not quite as clichéd as a phone-order male stripper, because the dancers are clothed (in little briefs), aren’t boasting incredibly bulgy body parts (biceps, or…), and the atmosphere is just way more fun than a strip club, and that’s because it’s not one. Go-go with your group to see some fine go-go boys, and insanely creative queens, but make sure to check the event calendar first!



Aerial Burlesque at Pour Vous

Bottle service, communal punch, and fancy French cocktails at Pour Vous make it a pretty great destination for rolling deep with your best buds right before your big day…but add Aerial Burlesque to the picture, and you’ve got an evening of entrancing entertainment (and booze) to celebrate the monumental occasion. I’m talking ladies in lingerie suspended in giant hoops, and lots of aerial silk.



Zipline in Los Angeles National Forest

It’s a bit of a drive, but if you’re seeking that ultimate thrill before you say “I do,” send your now-single self ziplining through green pines suspended high up in the air. The adrenaline and fear that comes along with this trip through the canopy is enough to distract you from even the most powerful pre-wedding worries.



Order an Oily Muscle Man

Okay, so if you’re going the traditional bachelorette party route, order up a male stripper. This highly-rated order-a-performer service even offers you a menu to choose from (located on their website). Pick someone whose ripped physique and serious moves will really make you regret saying “yes” to a lifetime of monogamy (and the dude who gave it to you)—just kidding… And, if you feel so inclined, toss some penis-shaped novelty items into the party mix to make it that bachelorette party.






Rèpublique Brunch

Thick bacon, perfectly poached eggs, and some serious waffle action await at this buzzing brunch spot. Though, you and your crew might have to wait a few because this place is blowing up—I’m talking a line out the door but it’s worth it. Once you sink your teeth into that “Sticky Bomb,” a cream filled brioche bomboloni soaked in bourbon and bacon, you’ll see. They also serve a darn good bloody mary and mimosa, if you’re tryin’ to get boozy.



Wine Tasting

Go wine tasting with your BFFs! While Los Angeles used to have a pretty good selection of tried-and-true wine tasting spots, one being San Antonio Winery, most of those spots have since closed. Try San Antonio for a pretty robust tasting of their signature wines, or check out WineLA‘s extensive list of special wine events going on all around town. You’re bound to find somewhere for you and your crew to swill both reds and whites.



Tea at The Huntington Garden’s Rose Tea Room

Get fancy…I’m talking white gloves, frilly frocks, and patent shoes—maybe even a hat. And then, stroll through acres of blooming, blossoming roses, leafy trellises on your way to an all-you-can-eat afternoon tea service. Huntington Garden’s Rose Tea Room serves up endless scones, tea sandwiches, and amazing fresh floral and herbal teas. Picture you and your crew clinking bone china cups in this adorable setting. So precious.



Olympic Spa Day

Korean day spas are pretty legit. And, Olympic Spa offers you and your ladies (sorry to the dude in the bridal party, this is women-only) many holistic and relaxing amenities for soaking, basking, and getting fully blissed out before the big day. For those that like to bask, there’s an oxygen stone room, clay dry sauna, and Himalayan pink salt chamber. That’s pretty standard for most Korean day spas in the area, however Olympic Spa just so happens to be one of the wettest day spas around. So, if you like soaking, you’ll delight in the mugwort bath, hot tub, steam sauna, and ice cold wading pool. And for $20 a person, it’s super affordable.



Wi Spa Day

Olympic spa is a unanimous favorite as far as women-only day spas go, but for the sake of that dude in your bridal party, consider WiSPA as an alternative. They’ve got twice the basking rooms plus a clay ball pit and ice room (though no mugwort), and it’s co-ed. Either way, pamper away here.


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