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7 Unique Yoga Classes to Get Your Ohm On in Los Angeles

By / April 29, 2018

Bored of your same old yoga flow? Take your practice to the next level with aerial, hip hop, silent disco yoga, and more, from Santa Monica to Downtown LA.

AIR - Aerial Fitness

Aerial Yoga


Though it draws on traditional yoga concepts, aerial yoga sets itself apart by utilizing fabric hammocks, which hang from the ceiling, for poses. Aerial yoga is great for the core and the mind, and offers a refreshingly engaging—and acrobatic—departure from the typical yoga flow. Angelenos can try out this gravity-defying workout at AIR West Hollywood, where class styles include foundation, core, flow, or kids, or at UP FLYING YOGA in DTLA, which offers different levels and conditioning options.

Bryan Kest's Power Yoga

Donation-Based Yoga


Donation-based studios bring yoga back to its origins—after all, Indian traditions don’t call for spa-quality saunas, full-service locker rooms, or $25-per-class price tags (looking at you, YogaWorks). At studios including Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga, Bhakti Yoga Shala, and Green Tree Yoga Meditation Foundation, yogis contribute what they can; suggested donations range between $10 and $15.

Goat Yoga


If Old MacDonald had a yoga studio, it would be Laughing Frog Yoga—where classes aren’t open only to humans. As the only LA studio currently offering “goat yoga,” yogis should come prepared to meet—and be climbed on by—rescued baby dwarf goats. On and off Instagram, people love this place; the studio has 96 reviews and five stars on Yelp, and virtually every class sells out—keep an eye on their website to make sure you get a spot in one of the limited “goat yoga” classes offered each month.

Hip Hop Yoga


Get your groove on at Santa Monica’s YogaHop studio, where yoga flows are soundtracked by hip hop, rock, and pop songs. Get your ohm—and groove—on with a full-body workout class that combines the energy of a dance party with the spiritual and mental health benefits of traditional yoga. Those who master the original YogaHop can check out the 75-minute, 45-minute, or candlelit classes; YogaHop Plus, which offers a longer power section, and YogaHop Pump, which incorporates weights and high-intensity interval training, are designed for those looking for an even greater challenge.

Playlist Yoga


The beat goes on at Playlist Yoga, where (as the name suggests) each flow has a different musical selection curated by the instructor and resident DJ. The 60-minute, music-driven classes don’t only aim to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance, but also to introduce students to new musical talents.

Silent Disco Rooftop Yoga


Yup, you read that right—turn down the noise and turn up the beat at BENDER’s silent disco-style yoga classes on the rooftop of Row DTLA. While taking in panoramic views of the skyline and wearing Bluetooth-enabled headphones playing music by resident DJs, attendees will flow through a 75-minute yoga class. The event is held monthly on Sundays to coincide with Smorgasburg, and yogis are encouraged to refuel with food and drink from downtown vendors after class.

Earth's Power Yoga



With Steven Metz’s Yogascape classes, yogis can travel to mountains, deserts, and oceans—all without leaving the Earth’s Power Yoga studio. While the teacher leads a vinyasa-style flow and meditation, projections on all four walls transport the class to fully immersive natural scenes around the world. Go even further with the sculpt, groove flow, and hot power fusion classes.

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